Monday, December 12, 2005

Sebaggala faces expulsion from DP

Sebaggala told to return DP membership card, faces punishment
THE Democratic Party National Executive Committee (NEC) has ordered party renegade Hajji Nasser Sebaggala to return the party's membership card and to stop using its colours, symbols and slogans.Short of this, the party warned that disciplinary action would be taken against him. This follows Ssebaggala's decision to stand for president as an independent after he lost in the party's primaries to Kampala Mayor John Ssebaana Kizito.
Party spokesperson Betty Nambooze Bakireke, told Daily Monitor on Friday, that the party was not against Ssebabggala alone, but would not tolerate anyone who opted to stand as an independent after losing in the party primaries at various levels.
The decision was taken by the NEC in its meeting on December 13. "Any member, who wishes to participate in the said general elections as an independent candidate and does not want to be subjected to disciplinary process, should first return the party membership card forthwith, stop using the duly registered party paraphernalia to wit, party colours (green and white), emblem, logo and symbols or else the party shall be constrained to subject him/her to the disciplinary committee and the law," Bakireke said in a statement.
She said once one has subscribed to a party, "he/she should observe, respect, and obey the code of conduct, rules and regulations, constitution, values, norms and resolution of the party."
She said Articles 69 and 70 of the party constitution permitted only duly elected candidates to use the party platform in national elections.
Meanwhile, Nambooze announced that the party has appointed Gulu Municipality MP Norbert Mao as chief campaign manager in the forthcoming general elections.
She said the appointment of Mao came after NEC considered three names that had been proposed by party President John Ssebaana Kizito.
The other two were former vice president Zachary Olum and Masaka Municipality MP John Kawanga. Nambooze said the NEC noted Mao's commitment to the party in the aftermath of the November 26 Delegates Conference where he lost to Ssebaana. Some of the losers vowed to go independent.

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