Sunday, July 18, 2010


By Mwaka E. Lutukumoi

In the political theatre of Uganda, this week came a new group of people calling themselves Democratic Party (DP) militias set to counter the notorious Kiboko Squad that has been seen working alongside the Uganda Police Force, whipping opposition politicians.
DP, since it’s formation, has embraced the core values of truth and justice, peace and security, democracy and good governance. While it was fought out of power in 1962 by the alliance between UPC and Kabaka Yekka, later losing power to UPC that stole the elections in 1980, DP did not resort to arms. DP is a party that believes in building democracy that works.
In 2005, after the NRM obnoxiously used the bad laws they set against parties, the infamous Article 269 of the Constitution, DP didn’t go to the bushes to fight but decided to take it to the courts of law. Two wrongs never make a right so forming militia groups to counter the Kiboko Squad is counterproductive. However, it must be noted that the Museveni regime has given birth to radical groups in the country. The Uganda Young Democrats initially had the Youth Brigade that was a rather militant set up. However, on assuming party leadership, Norbert Mao has banned all militant groups within DP. Mao and DP believe in a progressive and productive change that will bring strong national cohesion. Uganda has had violent conflicts over the years and it is DP’s belief that everything must be done to avoid more bloodshed.
Chaos in Uganda is not a new thing; each time a peaceful revolution is denied, there are usually signs and symptoms of a violent one. As we head to the 2011 general elections, all indications are that violence will increase given the recent events of the Kiboko Squad causing mayhem in Kampala. The police must not be blind to these injustices. They should not remain neutral between law and disorder as they appear to be. The police are quoted saying “we shall start with them” (in response to the new ‘Kiboko group’) yet they have shamelessly participated in dehumanising opposition alongside the Kiboko lumpens whose leaders are known but police has not arrested them to date.
Why start with the new group? Both Kiboko Squad and the new squad are illegal so logically both groups must be contained, not one! This exposes the dishonesty in our Force. Political parties must realise that by acting like NRM and doing what the party does, we are indirectly promoting dictatorship in this country. By government, or any other party including DP, condoning militia groups, we are accepting our moral and intellectual bankruptcy.
DP will never condone this and will take serious measures on its supporters and or any other member who dreams of militarism. We are fighting the same and we can’t afford becoming like that proverbial man whose clothes were taken away by a mad man as he was showering; on realising, he ran after the mad man naked grabbing his clothes.We need a united and reasonable Uganda.
Mr Lutukumoi is the Democratic Party’s national spokesperson

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