Friday, December 24, 2010


The Democratic Party presidential candidate, Mr Norbert Mao, has said President Museveni has tarnished the image of people from western Uganda.Addressing a rally in Rukungiri on Wednesday, Mr Mao said because Mr Museveni, his relatives and friends from western Uganda are allegedly embezzling public funds and amassing wealth, people from the region are wrongly accused of participating in the vice.
He said Mr Museveni and his close associates have amassed wealth through corruption, leaving people in the country in abject poverty. The DP leader promised to exempt people earning less than Shs400,000 per month from Pay as You Earn tax, adding that the NRM government is over taxing people.
Museveni accused
Mr Mao said every region has a reason to deny Mr Museveni votes, adding that he has mismanaged the country. He said Mr Museveni has little support in the north because he failed to protect residents against the LRA rebels who killed, abducted and maimed many people.
Mr Mao added that in Busoga, people are experiencing a jigger infestation because of poverty and government neglect. He asked the youth not to pay attention to Mr Museveni’s rap song, which he described as “funny song’’, saying it was aimed at misleading them.
“When Museveni raps “Mpe nkoni”, he is asking for a stick to punish you as young people. He has been punishing you silently but this time he has come out openly asking for the stick to cane you,” Mr Mao said.
Calls for support
The DP candidate asked Rukungiri residents to support him, saying he is capable of defeating Mr Museveni in the elections. He told residents to change President Museveni’s campaign slogan from pakalast to palalost Supporters of Mr Museveni are using pakalast as one of their campaign slogans on top of no change.
Pakalast is a promotional phrase for a telecommunication company

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