Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Profiles of DP Executives

DP members left Namboole to start the fight for the 2006 General Election with a reception for delegates at Gaba Beach. We will bring you the profiles of the different office bearers. Women won big scooping the Vice Presidency and Office of Treasurer General.

Mrs. Rainer Juliet Kafire 64, the Vice President, is the Member of Parliament for Kibuku County. This is her second parliamentary term. She was first elected Woman CA Delegate for Kibuku in 1993, and then Woman MP for Palliisa in 1996. In 2001, she ousted Moses Wasugirya, from the ruling NRMO for the Kibuku County Seat. She is a family nurse practitoner by training, a rice farmer and businesswoman. She previously served as Acting National Women's Leader, and Member of the Board of Directors of Foundation for African Development, an NGO founded in 1979 to foster good governance and constitutionalism in Uganda. In Parliament she was one of the 51 MPs who voted against lifting presidential term limits. Her policy work in the party covers both national security, as Member of the Committee on Presidential and Foreign Affairs. Mrs. Kafire has homes in Palliisa, Iganga and Kampala.

Prof. Richard Ebil Ottoo 48, the Secretary General is the immediate former Chairman DP USA. Dr. Ottoo has been a DP youthwinger since 1980. Dr. Ottoo was a former DP Guild Presidential candidate at Makerere University and Editor of the Luo version of Munnansi. His work has been mostly in policy areas, starting with AIDS policy at the Ministry of Health in 1986-1988, and today as Chairperson of the DP Manifesto Committee on the Economy. Richard Ottoo, is a tenured Professor at the Lubin School of Business, Pace University. Richard Ottoo will be a DP Parliamentary candidate in Agago, Pader.

Prof. Joseph Mukiibi 67, is the National Chairman. He is a former Professor and Dean at Makerere University, Permanent Secretary and Director General of the National Agricultural Research Organization. In 2004, Prof. Mukiibi turned down President Museveni's nomination as Member of the Public Service Commission. A veteran of the 1980 Delegates Conference, he has often been mentioned as a leader in waiting but stood down immediately before the Delegates Conference. Prof. Mukiibi has been very active in the process of reconciliation in the party that led to its registration in January 2005. Prof. Mukiibi hails from Kibaale District.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

New PG Jubilates

Sseebana, 71, is the new PG and DP's presidential candidate in 2006. He has been Treasurer since 1980 and promised to serve only one term. One of the contenders, Prof. Richard E. Ottoo said the exercise was free and fair, and exhibited democracy in DP.

Saturday, November 26, 2005


DP trusts that all politics is local. DP aspires for a federal system government for Uganda. Local people will decide how best they wish to be governed whether under a district, region or kingdom. This will end the culture of command and control from Kampala which can no longer meet the needs of 27 million people whose numbers will reach 82 million people by 2050. The rights of a citizen of Uganda shall not be abridged in any way under the federal system, including the right to vote, or stand for elective office, acquire and dispose of property and enjoyment of cultural rights.

National Defense and International Affairs

DP doesn't promote the militarization of politics. Once in power, we will foster a tactically competent UPDF subordinate to civilian authority. We will move UPDF to its constitutional role defending the integrity of our borders and safeguarding our sovereignty. UPDF will be removed from domestic politics and civilian law enforcement. In international affairs, we will push for ratification of the East African Community Treaty, fostering regional security and fostering ties with our development partners. DP's international trade agenda is in favor of expanding market access for our exports, removing trade barriers and enhancing capacity for entrepreneurs in our economy.

Economy and Social Issues

DP promotes equitable economic development of the whole country. Uganda is a home to 27 million people, one of the fastest growing in the world, over half of whom are under 35. As such while our philosophy has private enterprise at the core of economic development, we are focused on ending corruption and encouraging equitable regional distribution of economic development. DP's manifesto sets fiscal targets to raise revenue and cut the budgetary deficit by cuts in the huge public administration burden on the domestic budget. Social issues must be solved through dialogue. Ugandans should never again be humiliated on the basis of the social groups to which they belong including the freedom to practice religion, culture and non-discrimination on the basis of gender, race or age.

Governance and Public Administration

DP's priority is to set the country to a proper set of governance. This entails a lean public administration system. Our proposals are radical like closing government institutions paid for by the taxpayer which have become instrumentalities of terror. These include the Internal Security Organization, External Security Organization, Ministry of Security and Ministry of Internal Affairs. The central government's proper role is to coordinate national assets and performance of the national budget. We will shut down the alternative government in State House with over 40 presidential advisers, and merge the Office of the President, Office of the Vice President and the Office of the Prime Minister into the Central Government Office. Local governments will be autonomous, independent and self accounting.