Tuesday, February 28, 2006

DP Claims Entebbe Municipality Seat

In an upset, DP's Mohammed Kawuma defeated Dr. Byatike Matovu, the long term seat holder who has held the seat since 1989.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Gulu Municipality Seat hangs in balance

Election day has not ended yet in Gulu Municipality. Leander Komakec (DP) has been gazetted MP by the Electoral Commission. Unofficial returns gazetted the FDC candidate. The seat was formerly held by Norbert Mao now running for the Gulu LC V seat. Other results still contested include: Kalungu East (John Kakooza), Bukoto Central (Jude Mbabaali), Kyotera (Damiano Lubega) and Mukono North (Betty Nambooze). All these seats had early returns in favor of these candidates before the final declaration of forms by the EC.

Electoral Commission reverses Mukono North Results

From Radio Simba By Emma Okella
Monday, 27 February 2006The Electoral Commission has cancelled the results for Mukono North Constituency where incumbent MP Rev. Peter Bakaluba Mukasa had been declared winner.

The commission has cancelled the results after a petition by his main challenger Betty Nambooze who says the votes were messed up with during the counting process. Betty Nambooze is DP's Publicity Secretary.

Mukono district Register had declared Bakaluba winner with 22,680 votes while Nambooze closely trailed with 22,232 votes.
The Commission has ordered a recount.

Friday, February 24, 2006

DP Claims win in Kampala Central

Erias Lukwago, DP legal advisor has defeated Housing Minister Francis Babu in the race for Kampala Central seat.

Rural districts delay in poll reporting

The fate of DP candidates in outlying constituencies was not known at the time dpblog closed for the evening. Early returns showed Henry Bazira Sewanyana, former DP Whip in the 1980-1985 Parliament ahead in Bukoto Mid-west. The fate of DP candidates in Kayunga, Luweero, and Mpigi districts which are expansive covering long distances was also not known by midnight EST. Ms. Susan Nabuuma is expected to win her race in Mityana South.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

More on Results

A few seats are still very close and a few have been lost:

DP's Bagunywa Nkalubo is falling to FDC's Beti Kamya in Lubaga North, Joseph Balikuddembe is behind CP's Ms. Josephine Lukyamuzi. DP Treasurer Sarah Sebaggala has fallen to Renegade MP Michael Mabikke in Makindye East.

In Mukono, DP candidates Dr. Bayigga Lulume, Engineer Kateregga and Josephine Nambooze are ahead in their races.

Issa Kikungwe wins Kyaddondo South

Outgoing Kyaddondo South MP Issa Kikungwe claims his seat by a large margin.

DP surges in Masaka and the Southwest

DP claims early victories in Parliamentary Race:

John Kawanga: Masaka Municipality
Mathias Nsubuga: Bukoto South
John Kakooza: Kalungu East
Damiano Lubega: Kyotera

DP Claims First seat in Ssese since 1989

Tim Lwanga, the Minister for Ethics and Integrity in the Office of the President and Chairman of the Buganda Caucus in the outgoing Parliament falls to Muhammad Kabuusu in Kyamuswa County, Kalangala District. The last time DP held onto this seat was in 1980 when it was part of Masaka East. Independent Candidate Dr. Peter Muyanda Mutebi won in Bujumba.

DP Claims Kyotera

Former DP Organizing Secretary Damiano Lubega is the MP Elect for Kyotera County.

The City and Beyond Early Returns

Kampala District Rubaga Division, Rubaga South Wagabo Village 157 KB 142 YKM
Kawempe Division Lumbox, Makerere University 591 KB 215
YKM Dembe Polling Station 152 KB 90
YKM Nsooba Polling Station 617 KB 647 YKM
Sebina 365 KB 220 YKM
Nakawa Division Kiwalimu 238 KB 154 YKM
Mbuya 5 82 KB 154 YKM
Bukoto, Mbuya 99 KB 80 YKM
Ntugangamo District Ruhaama 237 KB 169 YKM
Kikoni 1 241 KB 359 YKM
Kikoni 2 253 KB 278 YKM
Kaberebere, Rukoni Sub County 116 KB 200 YKM
JINJA DISTRICT Municipality Iganga Road 2 165 KB 92 YKM
Gabula Road 1 278 KB 226 YKM
Gabula Road 2 175 KB 124 YKM
Aldina 5 168 KB 77 YKM Aldina 1 174 KB 90 YKM
IGANGA DISTRICT Iganga Town Moslem A 182 KB 150 YKM Moslem B 217KB 117 YKM Iganga High 86 KB 87 YKM
Kasokoso A 186 KB 112 YKM
Kasokoso B 320 KB 172 YKM
Hospital 82 KB 98 M7
Town Council Primary 181 KB 222 YKM
Soroti Municipality Maders Opeduru 421 KB 78 YKM
Moru Apetu 254 KB 72 YKM
Kisenyi B 240 KB 191
YKM Kisenyi C 216 KB 191 YKM
Kisenyi D 217 KB 221
YKM Kisenyi E 281 KB 315 YKM
Nyamutyobora 109 KB 146 YKM
Agip 209 KB 265 YKM
Lower Cell 429 KB 621 YKM
Upper Cell 219 KB 177 YKM
Lubiri 64 KB 160 YKM
Kirembe 157 KB 245 YKM
Wakiso District Entebbe Road Seguku 3 241 KB 147 YKM
Kasangati/Buyinza Zone 69 KB 258 YKM
Nkuma Primary 273 KB 283 YKM
Lyamutundwe 237 KB 203 YKM
Kakeeka 120 KB 291 YKM
YKM Kiyaga 290 KB 218 YKM
MASAKA Buliro 104KB 161 YKM Municipality
Katwe B 176 KB 77 YKM
Bata D 252 KB 120 YKM
Masaka Secondary 362 KB 50 YKM
Bata C 245 KB 112 YKM
Town Yard 328 KB 226 YKM
Cinema Cell 390 KB 113 YKM
Market Place 221 KB 113 YKM
Kirumba C 206 KB 133 YKM
Katwe A 152 KB 90 YKm
Pallisa District Karekenyem Kamwangazi (Budaka) 214 KB 155 YKM
Kabwangasi Primary School (Butebo) 116 KB 60 YKM
Mwizimara Primary School 142 KB 129 YKM
Gosoi 124 KB 152 YKM
Wakiso District Kigandazi Zone, Kiira Town Council 762 KB 377 YKM
Entebbe Municipality.
POLLING STATION Kiwafu Muslim P.S KB YKM 168 144 167 169 275 252 Kiwafu P.S KB YKM 162 134 146 158 135 121 213 112 201 133
Entebbe Comp. ss KB YKM 140 165 200 122 196 165 159 162 146 223
KIWAFU Modern Nursery KB YKM 211 236 174 196
Kitooro Community KB YKM 285 224 303 241
East Kololo: The reults forPresidential areas follows:
KB 264 votes
M7 267 votes
Bwanika 6 votes
Obote 5 votes
Sebana 3 votes
Invalid: 44 Votes

Early returns point to horse race between Besigye and Museveni

Early returns are back: Incumbent Museveni and FDC candidate Kizza Besigye are in a horse race for the presidential race. Besigye is ahead in the metro and southwest parts of Buganda. Museveni is ahead in the east and north of Buganda. In the east, an early picture points to a pattern of a strong pro-Besigye vote in Mbale, Iganga and Jinja with the incumbent following closely behind. Museveni is in a sweep of Western Uganda. Parliamentary returns are to follow in the next 3 hours.

Masaka voting ends peacefully

Former DP Legal Advisor John Kawanga and incumbent Masaka Municipality MP summed up voting in Masaka district as generally peaceful. Most voters cast their votes bright and early, and counting began in earnest at 1700 Hrs EST. Several voters with voters' cards but whose names were missing on the electoral register were not allowed to vote. The law limits polling to registered voters. Masaka is one of the most watched electoral districts in the country, with DP expected to improve its vote share and pick up a number of seats in its former stronghold.

Sebaana and wife cast votes on polling day

DP President Sebaana Kizito and his wife Christine cast their votes today at Kabalagala in their urban Makindye East constituency. In the central region, voting was mostly calm with a few incidents of election day malpractices being reported like attempts to vote more than once. In Eastern Uganda, DP regional Vice Chair Besweri Kezaala reported that many voters showed up at polling stations and could not find their names on the shrunken voters' register, whose numbers have raised a lot of eyebrows; From 8.4 million in 1996 to 10.2 million in 2001 and barely a blip increase to 10.4 million in 2006. In Pader, DP Secretary General Richard Ottoo reported late delivery of campaign materials. EC only sent on ballot box rather than 2 for polling stations in Pader. Vote counting will start at 1800 EST.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Sebaana closes campaign on optimistic note

Capping a 6 week campaign that took him to 60 out of Uganda's 69 districts, Sebaana Kizito returned to the suburbs of the capital city to wind down a grueling presidential campaign. In the last 3 days, he took his campaign bus to Wakiso, Entebbe, Kajjansi, the shores of Lake Victoria, and the city suburbs. Sebaana has campaigned strongly on both national security and economic issues making the argument that of all the candidates in the race, he has the best credentials and management skills needed to heal the wounds of a divisive political system that has been in place for the last 20 years. He has succeeded in rejuvenating the Democratic Party countrywide, where folks have attended their first DP rallies in the past 20 years. Women have responded strongly to Sebaana's message. DP's parliamentary contingent is expected to include several first timers like Agnes Mayanja from Masaka, Susan Nabuuma from Mityana, Rebecca Birungi from Wakiso joining veterans like Rainer Kafire, party VP from Kibuku. The median age of DP candidates is 29.2 years, the youngest average age of a parliamentary party slate. The youth like Charles Kiwanuka in Kyaddondo East, Busiro South MP Mutebi Balikuddembe, are expected to easily win their seats. Several competitive seats remain across the board. DP SG Richard Ottoo is in the race of his life in Agago, Pader, just like former MP David Babi Kamusaala fighting tooth and nail to reclaim his Jinja East seat. DP Publicity Secretaries Betty Nambooze (Mukono North), Fred Mwesigwa (Luuka-Iganga) are in what will be some of the most watched races Thursday night. Results are expected by Saturday February 25, 2006.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Sebaana campaign trip enters Northern Uganda

Having overcome a mishap on the road in Bukomansimbi, DP President Sebaana Kizito crossed into Acholi to wrap up a critical swing electoral area. DP officials, Zachary Olum, Richard Ebil Ottoo, Norbert Mao are hitching their wagons in Kitgum, Pader, and Gulu for DP's final push.

Monday, February 13, 2006

DP Woman wins Masaka Seat Unopposed

Masaka MP Sauda Namaggwa Mugerwa has been disqualified as candidate for MP. Masaka Woman DP Candidate Agnes Mayanja wins seat unopposed.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Sebaana enters final stretch

Ugandans go to the polls Feb 23, 2006. Sebaana continues to barnstorm the swingest electoral areas. This week, his campaign took him from Manafwa, Sironko, Tororo through Kamuli, and Jinja before ending in Luweero. On Sunday 12/02, he took off for a 5-day long tour of West Nile that will wind up in Kitgum and Pader districts. His final campaigns will be in the central region.

Giving several interviews before the final phase of the campaign, he identified two main issues that have dominated the campaign trail. First is the collapsing state of most public infrastructure, second the acute poverty in the countryside. Last week, he also gave a full court press interview on the war in northern Uganda and what additional measures DP would take once in power to bring the war to a quick end.

Sebaana in the campaign has largely distinguished himself as the candidate of the issues. Energy and food security are now big issues in Uganda after the collapse in Uganda's electricity generation capacity while food security will be a big issue in the aftermath of an intensifying drought caused by failure of the traditional spring rains. The failing rains are attributed to the incumbent's policy of cutting down trees to make way for factories without regard to the critical role that forest cover plays in rain formation.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

DP President campaigns in Tororo, Kamuli

After the incumbent scuttled Sebaana Kizito's scheduled tour of West Nile last week in contravention of EC guidelines, DP took its message to the districts of Tororo and Kamuli this week. The DP campaign will return to West Nile at the end of this week. In other news, the Commission of Inquiry into mismanagement of KCC exonerated Sebaana Kizito from any impropriety in the allocation of land in the city. On Monday Sebaana Kizito launched DP's e-effort to tally election results nationwide on Feb 23, 2006.