Thursday, June 15, 2006

DP Officials prepare for Official Budget Response

Top DP officials SG Richard Ottoo and Treasurer Hajati Sarah Sebaggala are on their way to Parliament to listen to the Budget Speech. Their official response is expected later this week. Finance Minister Dr. Suruma is expected to present an austerity budget occasioned by the Energy crisis and worsening balance of payments situation caused by an astronomical energy bill. DP has been very critical of the statist approach of subsidizing a few large businesses at the expense of the vast micro-finance sector now overseen by President Museveni's half brother Caleb Akandwanaho.

DP NEC Debates Shadow Cabinet

DP's National Executive Committee heard presentations from DP MPs who want to be included in FDC's shadow cabinet. This follows a series of contradictory messages from the Parliamentary group who have been lobbying hard to be included in FDC's Official Parliamentary grouping. In the 9th Parliament, the Official Opposition controls 4 Parliamentary Committees out of 18. More than ten weeks after Parliament's inauguration, the official opposition has failed to name a Shadow Cabinet and operationalize its whip. DP was the first parliamentary party to name its Shadow Cabinet followed by NRMO and UPC.