Wednesday, December 29, 2010


The Democratic Party Legal Advisor, Mr Mukasa Mbidde, yesterday said he will sue the government for an accident on the Kampala-Masaka Road on Monday that left him and several others injured.
According to the police, one person died on spot in the accident that was blamed on reckless driving. The accident which occurred at 5pm at Kamengo, involved three vehicles.
Mr Mbidde, a DP flag bearer for Kalungu East Constituency, said: “I am going to sue the government for compensation of my car because it was not my fault.” His Mercedez Benz car that he said is valued at Shs110 million was damaged in the head-on collision. He said the accident occurred when a State House vehicle and another belonging to the Ministry of Agriculture made a sudden and an unindicated stop while driving in front of him.
Blame games
“I was heading to Lukaya when the two vehicles that were ahead of me abruptly stopped blocking the road,” Mr Mbidde said, adding that since the vehicles were following each other and at a moderate speed, there was no way he would have avoided the accident.
Mr Mbidde said his car is insured but not on a comprehensive risk, so government has a part to answer during compensation. He wants Shs70 million for the damage to his car. But the Central Region police spokesperson, Mr Lameck Kigozi, who was at the scene, blamed the accident on Mr Mbidde’s reckless driving.


The Democratic Party (DP) has said it will sue the government over the cultural leaders Bill, 2010. DP Deputy National Spokesperson Keneth Kakande yesterday said the party National Executive Committee (NEC) has assembled 10 lawyers led by the party legal adviser, Mr Mukasa Mbidde, to challenge the Bill in the Constitutional Court.
Mr Mbidde said the Bill causes disharmony and encroaches on the people’s rights to honour and show loyalty to their traditional leaders. “We can’t sit back and relax when government is mixing up issues. There is no reason why Mr Museveni is creating term limits on our cultural leaders when they are not playing a political role,” Mr Kakande told journalists yesterday in Kampala.
But Internal Affairs Minister Hajj Kirunda Kivejinja on Sunday said absence of such a regulation was responsible for the unnecessary clashes between the government and cultural institutions, citing the September 2009 riots in Kampala.
The Bill, among others, seeks to operationalise Article 246 of the Constitution and bans traditional leaders from engaging in partisan politics.
Mr Kakande said DP will participate in demonstrations organised against the Bill and will provide legal support to any Ugandan ready to oppose it.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I am a healing President, Mao tells Kisoro Democratic Party Presidential candidate Norbert Mao has said Uganda is full of scars and wounds and therefore needs a healer who can mend the torn society. He pledged a transparent national reconciliation plan that will help Uganda rise above it's dark episodes. In reference to Museveni, Mao said any repentant person can be forgiven. He assured the residents of Kisoro that Museveni will not be persecuted. "I am not in this contest to witch hunt Museveni. I have no vendetta with Museveni. I am only in this contest because Uganda deserves better. When I defeat Museveni he can return to Rwakitura and tend to his cattle and look after his grandchildren", Mao said. He sent the gathering into prolonged laughter when he promised Museveni a send off gift of a fully equipped Recording Studio in order to help the President pursue his newly found musical talents. "We should not waste talent. In order to help President Museveni pursue his musical talents, I will offer him a send off gift of a fully equiped recording studio", Mao said as the crowd roared with laughter.

Monday, December 27, 2010


The Democratic Party presidential candidate, Mr Norbert Mao, has said he has redeemed one of the oldest political parties in the country. Mr Mao said under his leadership, the Democratic Party has been empowered to take over the presidency of Uganda.
Last week, Mr Mao toured the southwestern district of Kanungu and pitched camp at Kihiihi Central Market, where he addressed a rally. He said although he was new to the people of Kanungu, he was not new to politics.
“My 10-year experience in Parliament and five years as LC5 chairperson of Gulu gave me knowledge and insight to successfully lead Uganda,” he said.He said the experience enabled him to understand national politics and to empathise with the challenges of local governance.
Mr Mao said it was through his experience that he is able to understand the extent of injustice and poverty in Uganda. Once in power, he pledged, he would abolish trading licences for small business owners.
He also promised to revise the tax structure to ensure more taxes for high-income earners and to abolish tax for anyone earning less than Shs400,000 a month.
“The unfair taxation system in Uganda is suffocating the growth of small businesses,” he said. The DP candidate also addressed the more localised needs of the people in Kanungu. He said it was appalling that the district does not have a tarmack road linking it to the rest of the country.
Mao vowed that if elected next year, he would connect all districts in Uganda to each other through quality tarmack roads. He said this would encourage trade and the growth of agriculture across the country. The DP president used his Kanungu campaign to once again blast President Museveni and his government for their failings.
He said Mr Museveni’s leadership of the country and the National Resistance Movement would not stand the test of time and that in the future the party would crumble.
Mr Mao accused Museveni of mismanaging the country and that if he becomes Uganda’s next president he would set up a reconciliation committee to openly address people’s grievances and to foster unity.

Friday, December 24, 2010


The Democratic Party (DP) has given the police and courts in Jinja a one-week ultimatum to act against the National Resistance Movement mayoral candidate for alleged electoral offences.
The party claims Mr Majid Dhikusooka, who is also the district NRM vice chairman, was caught red-handed tearing the posters of one of his opponents, Mr Mohamed Baswari Kezaala, at the Police Barracks round-about in Jinja on December 4.
DP officials in a December 22 letter signed by the party’s acting district legal advisor, Mr Alex Waiswa Mufumbiro, said they want the candidate arrested or they will be forced to stage a protest.
According to the electoral law, a person caught destroying election campaign posters on conviction, is jailed for not exceeding one year or asked to pay a fine of Shs480,000.
Mr Mufumbiro stated they had learnt that the Jinja resident state attorney had closed the case against Mr Dhikusooka. “We wish to state that this exoneration was out of all the doctrines of justice, rule of law and manifestation of moral decadency by the resident state Attorney,” the letter reads.
“We give the police only seven days and if the matter is not handled to its conclusion, we shall have a peaceful demonstration in pursuing the matter,” the DP district chairman, Mr Samuel Kitanda, said at a press conference in Jinja town on Wednesday. However, DPC Jonathan Musinguzi warned the party against involving the police in political battles.


Former Democratic Party [DP] leader John Ssebaana Kizito has backed local musician Eddy Yawe for the Kampala Central Division parliamentary seat.Addressing a rally at Kamwokya on Tuesday, Mr Ssebaana, a former Kampala mayor, said: “Some people think that musicians are useless in societies, but I can assure you that they can make better leaders. They are so creative and quick at solving problems.”
Mr Ssebaana urged DP supporters not to vote for party members who decided to contest as independent candidates after losing in the party primaries.“We should support our own candidates in DP who went through clear internal primaries. Whoever I am backing in this race must be the rightful party contender,” he said.
Recently, DP president Norbert Mao advised defiant party members to adhere to the party rules saying nobody was bigger than the party. The party opted to support Mr Micheal Mabikke as its mayoral candidate against former party legal adviser Erias Lukwago.
Mr Yawe, the DP flag bearer, is contesting against NRM’s Muhammed Nsereko and IPC’s Kibirige Mayanja. Mr Yawe pledged to unite Kampala, advocate the youth and women rights and fight laws which are not favourable to the people.
“I will also block regulations which target to fight Buganda and cripple the Kabaka of Buganda and other traditional leaders,” Mr Yawe said.


The Democratic Party presidential candidate, Mr Norbert Mao, has said President Museveni has tarnished the image of people from western Uganda.Addressing a rally in Rukungiri on Wednesday, Mr Mao said because Mr Museveni, his relatives and friends from western Uganda are allegedly embezzling public funds and amassing wealth, people from the region are wrongly accused of participating in the vice.
He said Mr Museveni and his close associates have amassed wealth through corruption, leaving people in the country in abject poverty. The DP leader promised to exempt people earning less than Shs400,000 per month from Pay as You Earn tax, adding that the NRM government is over taxing people.
Museveni accused
Mr Mao said every region has a reason to deny Mr Museveni votes, adding that he has mismanaged the country. He said Mr Museveni has little support in the north because he failed to protect residents against the LRA rebels who killed, abducted and maimed many people.
Mr Mao added that in Busoga, people are experiencing a jigger infestation because of poverty and government neglect. He asked the youth not to pay attention to Mr Museveni’s rap song, which he described as “funny song’’, saying it was aimed at misleading them.
“When Museveni raps “Mpe nkoni”, he is asking for a stick to punish you as young people. He has been punishing you silently but this time he has come out openly asking for the stick to cane you,” Mr Mao said.
Calls for support
The DP candidate asked Rukungiri residents to support him, saying he is capable of defeating Mr Museveni in the elections. He told residents to change President Museveni’s campaign slogan from pakalast to palalost Supporters of Mr Museveni are using pakalast as one of their campaign slogans on top of no change.
Pakalast is a promotional phrase for a telecommunication company

Thursday, December 23, 2010


Mutooma, Tuesday 21 December 2010: Democratic Party candidate Norbert Mao has said he takes great exception to Museveni's hypocrisy in supporting the institutions of traditional leaders everywhere else while undermining and sabotaging that in Ankole. Mao said that before the British forged the Ugandan state, communities were held together by traditional institutions. Mao pledged that DP would support the Obugabe in Ankole.
He pledged that unlike Museveni he would not undermine any tradional institution. Mao said that there is no basis for fearing traditional institutions because they are now constituional monarchies subject to laws put in place by democratically elected leaders. Mao said Museveni's supression of traditional institutions is motivated by his despotic ambitions. "Museveni's support for traditional leaders is purely self-serving and opportunistic. Deep in his heart he has only contempt for traditional institutions and their heads." Mao said.
Mao was speaking to residents of Mitooma Town Council on Tuesday. He said was committed to showing Ugandans that it is possible to have change without bloodshed and chaos. "Let Museveni be the last President to walk on blood and to jump over deadbodies on his way to State House." Mao said.


The Democratic Party (DP) presidential candidate, Mr Norbert Mao has said creation of new districts is hurting service delivery in all sectors.
Mr Mao, who addressed several rallies in Mitooma District in Ankole sub-region on Tuesday, said: “Giving you a district is like being handed an empty plate without food. Even if you get a district, without quality basic services, then you are better off without it.”
Power tariffs
Mr Mao added: “The youth do not need raps, they want employment. Your MPs should stop thanking Museveni for the districts created because you vote them to serve your interest and not those of the President.”
The DP presidential candidate said if elected, he will reduce power tariffs by merging all companies in the electricity business into one as it used to be under the Uganda Electricity Board.
“Power is expensive here and cheap in Rwanda and Kenya where we export it because the electricity board was split into three other companies. All these companies are out to make money and that is why our tariffs are high,” he said.Mr Mao said he will eradicate corruption in the country.
He said he will tarmack all roads when he is voted into power. Mitooma is one of the three districts carved out of Bushenyi. The others are Buhweju and Sheema


Written by Edward Ssekika
Wednesday, 22 December 2010
Foreigners doing business in Uganda will have to adhere to a strict code of conduct if the DP presidential candidate, Norbert Mao, is elected president in next year’s elections.
Mao says he plans to impose tough conditions on foreign investors often accused of abusing the rights of local people they employ.
Mao told his supporters in Fort Portal municipality on December 14, that if elected, he would reduce on tax incentives currently enjoyed by foreign investors and restrict their investments to particular sectors of the economy.
He accused the NRM government of promoting foreign investors but marginalizing local ones. “The NRM government has an unfair policy of promoting and protecting foreign investors at the expense of our local investors. Government has been giving benefits in form of tax holidays, free land to foreign investors, but our local investors struggle on their own with no tax cuts, tax holidays and free land,” Mao said.
He added: “As DP, we want this to change as soon as we take over government.” He wondered why despite all the incentives, foreigners invest in small retail businesses that would otherwise be reserved for Ugandans.
“Why should government give a tax holiday and free land to a foreigner to put up a hotel? There are many Ugandans with standard hotels already; such benefits like tax cuts, tax holiday and free land in the Norbert Mao government will, instead, be extended to a local investor to expand their investments,” he said.
DP investment policy, Mao said, would not allow foreigners to engage in retail businesses. Mao noted that some investors in Uganda today are not worthy of being to be called foreign investors, arguing that they are also engaged in petty businesses.
He describes the current government policies on foreign investment as weak and promoting dependency.
“Foreign investors shall not be allowed to carry out petty retail business—retail business shall be left only and only to Ugandans,” he added. Citing the example of United Kingdom and the US, Mao said in those countries petty and retail business is restricted and left in the hands of citizens.
“In UK or USA, for example, if you are a foreigner and you want to start making and selling chapatti, you will not be allowed. You will be told that engaging in such business is only a privilege of the natives of that country,” he added.
There have been growing public concern that foreigners were investing in retail shops and supermarkets that do not employ local people and as a result rendering more Ugandans who would do such businesses unemployed.
Mao promised to set up a fund, the Citizens Economic Empowerment Fund (CEEF), to support local entrepreneurs.
To ensure that foreign investments offer employment opportunities to Ugandans, Mao says he will ensure that certain jobs, which can be performed by Ugandans are not given to foreigners.
He says some foreign companies have made it a policy that all managerial positions are occupied by foreigners.
He pledged to extend electricity to all rural areas and cut power tariffs to make it affordable to the poor. He reasons that extending power to rural areas and cutting power tariffs will encourage development and create jobs.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


The Democratic Party President, Norbert Mao, has accused the NRM government of marginalising the people of Toro despite their contribution to the 1986 liberation struggle.
Addressing a campaign rally in Fort Portal on December 15, Mao said he was surprised that there are only two ministers from the sub-region and yet other sub-regions which did not contribute to the struggle as much have more ministers.
The two ministers from the region are Adolf Mwesige, the minister of Local Government, and Aston Kajara, the state minister for Investment.
In 1984, Katebwa sub-county in Bunyagabu county was used by the Yoweri Museveni-led National Resistance Army as a launch pad for capturing Toro sub-region from government forces. It was also the first headquarters of the NRM government in the bush.
Mao says that if the region was effectively represented in the cabinet, the ministers would lobby for development. He also says it is a big surprise that the region is not developing and yet northern Uganda which has been at war for over two decades is developing.
He promised that if elected, the region would get a share of the national cake commensurate to its role it in the liberation struggle. Prior to the rally, Mao carried out door-to-door campaigns in the villages of Ruteete sub-county, Rwimi, and Kichwamba.
He criticised the government for neglecting the region’s two great schools, St Leo’s College Kyegobe and Nyakasura School. These two were once some of Uganda’s finest education institutions but today they perform poorly in national examinations.
Residents of Fort Portal that The Observer spoke to, had mixed reactions to Mao’s remarks. Reste Kabagayi agreed with the DP candidate on the issue of Toro’s marginalization.
She said the government is taking the people of Toro for granted, seeing that it is a stronghold of the party in power - NRM. Kabagayi also agreed that Toro should be rewarded for helping the NRA liberation struggle.


DP’s Norbert Mao addressing supporters at Kabatunda trading centre in Kyabarungira sub-county, Busongora in Kasese district on Thursday last week.


DEMOCRATIC Party president Norbert Mao has urged Masaka municipality voters to elect the party vice president John Kawanga in the coming Parliamentary elections. In a message read by Matia Mujuzi at the launch of Kawanga’s campaigns at the Children’s Park on Sunday, Mao said Kawanga was among the most trustworthy members of parliament. “Some people went to parliament as businessmen and this was proved at the time when they accepted a sh5m bribe to remove presidential term limits,” Mao stated. He added that since Kawanga studied with President Yoweri Museveni and was his friend he would have taken any position in President Museveni’s government. “I believe Kawanga would be the vice-president if he wanted to become one, but since his ambition is to see a democratic and peaceful Uganda, he declined to join the NRM party,” Mao added. Kawanga wondered why some people had launched a campaign to tarnish his name. “Whenever they pick up microphones they concentrate on abusing Kawanga. They have failed to tell what they would do for you while in parliament, instead they are talking about my age,” Kawanga said. “Despite being true Catholics, some of my critics need to be reminded that the Ten Commandments prohibit adultery, stealing and telling lies among others,” Kawanga added. Kawanga is facing former Buganda youth minister Mathias Mpuuga, Sande Mutesasira, Suzan Nakawuki and Francis Xavier Kizza Mujoobe for the Masaka Municipality parliamentary seat.

Thursday, December 16, 2010


The Democratic Party presidential candidate, Norbert Mao has said President Museveni, Col. Kiiza Besigye among other candidates in the race fear him.Addressing residents of Kasese Town Council this morning, Mao said Museveni, Besigye … fear him because of influence among the youth. He has caused laughter when he stated that Museveni and Besigye shout Mao’s name at night when dreaming.Mao says he has much influence among the


By Hope Mafaranga
THE Democratic Party (DP) presidential candidate, Norbert Mao, has said there will be a peaceful handover of power after the 2011 elections. “We want Museveni to go peacefully but not the way he came to power through bloodshed,” Mao said. Mao was addressing his supporters at Kiko, Rwihamba in Rutete sub-county, Rwankyenzi in Kasenda sub-county, Kasunganyanja and Rwimi in Kabarole district and in Fort Portal municipality. Mao said when the National Resistance Army then led by Yoweri Museveni captured power in 1986, they used guns and many people died. Mao urged the people of Toro not to reject him but to look at his abilities and leadership skills. He said that once voted into power, he will be a bridge to unify Uganda. He said if Museveni, wins the election genuinely, he would be the first person to congratulate him but if he rigs, Uganda would become too hard for him to rule. Mao told security agencies to stop intimidating his supporters and gave the fans his hotline 0772885688 to report any case of intimidation. The retired bishop of Rwenzori diocese Eustus Kamanyire urged Ugandan to use their votes correctly.


KAMPALA, Tuesday 14 December, 2010:
Democratic Party Presidential candidate has strongly refuted a Sunday Vision story where he was misquoted to have said Museveni was in the lead."The intention of the story is to demoralize our supporters by making a false projection of a Museveni victory in the presidential elections. I do not believe that Museveni will win the elections. No one has a commanding lead as of now and a run-off is almost inevitable.", Mao said on Monday from Kyenjojo where he began his tour of the Tooro region."I could not say Museveni is in the lead because he is not in the lead. What I always say is that Museveni has the soccer ball (state power) and we are going to grab it from him. That is why we are tackling him." Mao said.Mao said that while Museveni enjoys advantages of incumbency, that will not guarantee him a victory. He denounced the Sunday Vision for distorting his views and quoting him out of context."Text without context is pretext. I gave the New Vision a lengthy interview but they chose to quote me out of context.", Mao wrote on his Facebook page on Sunday evening.Mao assured his supporters to remain steadfast in the face of media bias and distortions. He singled out the New Vision as a paper whose front page is now dedicated to promoting Museveni and undermining his opponents.


By Andrew Ssenyonga
THE DP presidential candidate, Norbert Mao, has said none of the candidates has a commanding lead and a run-off is inevitable. Mao was reacting to the Sunday Vision story where he was quoted as saying that President Yoweri Museveni was in the lead. “Text without context is pretext. I gave New Vision a lengthy interview but they quoted me out of context,” Mao said. He added that he could not say that Museveni is in the lead because he is not in the lead. “What I always say is that Museveni has the soccer ball (state power) and we are going to grab it from him. That is why we are tackling him.” Mao pointed out that while Museveni enjoys advantages of incumbency, this will not guarantee him victory


By Hope Mafaranga
THE Democratic Party (DP) Presidential candidate, Norbert Mao, has said that if elected into power in 2011, he will build factories to manufacture drugs in order to reduce medical costs for Ugandans. Mao said many Ugandans were dying from various diseases because they could not afford treatment since drugs were too expensive “Most drugs we use are imported and expensive. If you vote me into power, I will build drug factories to reduce the burden of costs you incur for treatment,” he said. During a rally at Kyenjojo Taxi Park in Kyenjojo town council, campaigning on Monday, Mao, who is in the Rwenzori region, said factories would create employment for the youth. Mao also said DP would train the youth in information communication and technology in order to compete in the global job market. He also addressed his supporters in Kasaba in Kyarusozi sub-county and Kyamutunzi in Nyankwansi sub-county, in Kyenjojo district. He said his government would make sure that foreign investors gave jobs to Ugandans, adding that Uganda Investment Authority had failed to create jobs.


Fort Portal - Even if the incumbent were to massively rig the February 18 general elections, he wouldn’t win, according to the DP presidential candidate, Norbert Mao.
Mao’s remarks came days after he proclaimed that Yoweri Museveni, the NRM candidate, was leading the race, with him (Mao) in second place.
But he told a rally in Fort Portal municipality on Tuesday that President Museveni cannot win the 2011 elections because he has lost his critical support. Museveni, he added, has been rigging to win.
“I’m going to defeat him for his own good; this hoe is our symbol, it has come for him. The hoe will uproot him and finally bury him; he cannot escape it,” Mao said in his trademark oratory.
“Trust me, Museveni cannot win this election. He no longer has a strong support base. He lost the support of northern and eastern Uganda, now Buganda and even western Uganda has problems with him; where is Museveni’s support base now?” Mao told the crowd at Kisenyi.
He added that Museveni will not get the required 51% to gain an outright victory. Accusing Museveni of condemning the people of northern Uganda to internally displaced persons’ camps for two decades, Mao said the IDPs cannot vote for him now, much as they are out of camps.
Mao, who spoke in a mixture of Luganda and Runyakitara, said: “First of all, he is the one who condemned us into IDPs, now he expects a thank you, but instead we are asking him why he condemned us to the camps. We cannot vote him.”
He added: “I defeated his minister when I was 28 years with only Shs 60,000 (Gulu municipality Parliament race). I defeated his colonel (Walter Ochola, in the Gulu LC-V chairman race). I have now come for him - the general, no shortcut. I will defeat him too.”
Rigging fears
At the Kisenyi rally, Mao warned of vote rigging and unveiled DP’s vote guarding strategy. He said the party will have four officials at every polling station.
Mao added that the party officials will not only append their signatures on the declaration of results forms but also a thumbprint. A thumbprint, he argued, cannot be forged like a signature.
He also said that DP is pushing the Electoral Commission to declare and display the results at the polling station soon after vote counting.
He warned of bloody consequences should the election be rigged. “If the election is rigged, we shall stage mega protests until it is nullified. I will personally lead the demonstrations across the country because I’m a veteran in protests,” he said.
17 public universities
Mao pledged to overhaul the education system and create market oriented courses. He said the current system mainly produces white-collar job seekers and not job creators.
Mao promised that DP would re-construct what he called historical schools, arguing that such schools united Ugandans on top of providing quality education. Giving himself as an example, Mao said he learnt Luganda because he studied at Namilyango College in Wakiso district.
Still on education, Mao told his supporters at Kasende trading centre in Ruteete sub-county that his government would launch 17 new public universities within his first term as president. He said this would boost the quality of education. Uganda currently has five public universities.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


By Adrienne S. McCord

Norbert Mao is the leader and Presidential Candidate of the
Democratic Party of Uganda. He is also the current Chairman of Gulu
District in Northern Uganda. Prior to this he loyally served for ten
years as a Member of Parliament. As the political leader of the most
war affected area in Uganda, he has remained ever vigilant and engaged
in peace building and reconstruction efforts. He is a charismatic
leader with an unbeatable record of successfully delivering on his
political promises.
In 2011 Norbert Mao will be the next president of Uganda.
Norbert Mao, a centrist who focuses on democratic reform, peace-
building and moderate politics as the centerpiece of his crusade,
casts himself as a bridge between the north and south; he is best
poised to bring national healing as the new president. His blessed
double heritage of an Acholi father and a Munyankole mother places him
across the divide that has defined the ethnic north-south mantra since
1986. A gifted orator in many languages, Mao speaks fluent Luganda
English, Kiswahili and Luo. He also has a working knowledge of several
other Ugandan languages including Lusoga, Runyankore.

Mao's candidature is also symbolic of the primacy of civilian rule
over military dictatorship. Uganda still remains one of the few
countries that have never had a peaceful handover of power. In Uganda,
change of government has always come with guns blazing or guns drawn.
In February 2011 DP President Norbert Mao will prove that government
can and will be changed peacefully through the power of the ballot,
without bloodshed.

President Mao is more than qualified for the highest political office
with two decades of leadership experience and multiple degrees in law
and development studies. He is an enrolled Advocate of the Ugandan
Courts of Judicature. In 1998 he was honored among ten attorneys of
distinction by the Uganda Law Society. In addition he is in a select
group of those honored as a Yale World Fellow and proud graduate of
the prestigious Yale Global Leadership Program which he attended in

He has a track record of successfully attaining his goals and being
elected into leadership positions by those who recognize his ability
to lead. The people of Uganda consistently keep him in office because
Norbert Mao puts his words into action.

Norbert Mao is a born leader. His quest to serve others began when he
was still in Magwa Primary School where he led the Debating Team. At
Namilyango College he was again chosen as a true organizer and served
as Head-Prefect before becoming President of the students’ guild at
Makerere University. Norbert Mao’s election as the president of the
students’ guild has been recorded as the hottest campaigns in the
history of Makerere University. After his landslide victory he proved
to be among the most vibrant guild presidents the university has ever
had. Under his leadership, the students mounted a struggle against the
now discredited Structural Adjustment Program.

From Makerere University at a very tender age in 1996, he contested
for the Gulu municipality seat and beat a cabinet minister Betty
Bigombe to become Member of Parliament, where he was successfully re-
elected in 2001 for a second term. As a man of principle, he promised
that he would serve only two terms in parliament and true to his word,
in 2006 he did not compete even when he was still very popular.

After a decade in the national parliament, Mao did not seek re-
election but instead heeded the call of his constituents to instead
contest for the leadership of the Gulu district local government then
comprising five parliamentary constituencies and a geographical area
half the size of Belgium. Because of his proven track record of
listening to the voters and acting in their best interests he won the
election with about 80 percent of the vote.

Norbert Mao prefers the power of thoughtful action over misdirected
military response, yet he has proven his strength and willingness to
risk his life for the future of a more peaceful Uganda. In August 2006
Mao led a group of community leaders to the rebel hideout in Garamba,
Congo, to meet LRA rebel leader Joseph Kony. He was one of the 10
accredited observers to the Uganda Peace Talks in Juba that were being
mediated by the Government of Southern Sudan.

In 1999 Norbert Mao co-founded the Great Lakes Parliamentary Forum on
Peace (Amani Forum) and also the Parliamentary Network on the World
Bank. These two parliamentary networks with which he still remains in
contact have greatly enhanced the contribution of parliamentarians in
conflict resolution and development. Since the time over 10 years ago
when he authored a minority report for the parliament calling for
peace talks with the LRA Mao has been a strong advocate for a peaceful
resolution of the conflict in Northern Uganda. He remains active as
Chairman Emeritus of Amani Forum.

Norbert Mao is well known for his superior advocacy efforts and
persuasive oratory skills and regularly speaks on these issues in high
level national and international gatherings including the World Bank
and the United Nations. He was a panelist on the popular radio talk
show The Capital Gang that aired on Kampala's Capital FM station as
well as a columnist for The New Vision newspaper in Uganda. His
writings have featured in the in The Yale Herald, the Strait Times of
Singapore, Yale Global, the Daily Times of Pakistan and The Monitor
among others. He is often featured and quoted in various national and
international media on issues of governance, peace, human rights and

DP President Norbert Mao is a charismatic leader with an unbeatable
record of successfully delivering on his political promise and he is
ready for a new beginning for Uganda.

His committment to leadership with integrity was born from humble
roots. His father was a soldier who went back to school to study
cereal chemistry upon leaving the army. Mao's family background
instilled in him deeply rooted values and a strong work ethic.

Norbert Mao and his wife Naomi have two children, Nicholas and Nathan.
They live in Kampala and Gulu.

It’s Time. Time for a New Beginning. A New Leader for Change. Time
for Norbert Mao.


THE Democratic Party (DP) presidential candidate Norbert Mao has taken campaigns to the pulpit. Mao was on Sunday campaigning at St Cyprian Catholic Church in Kijungu-Hoima district on his Bunyoro tour. The mass was also a confirmation service where over 200 children were welcomed to the sacrament of the Holy Eucharist by Hoima acting Bishop, Lambert Bainomugisha. Seated at the far left corner of the altar, Mao said he had a profound affiliation with Cyprian, the saint after whom the church is named because he too is called Cyprian. “I like the name Cyprian because I was also baptised and confirmed by Bishop Cyprian Kihangire and that is why I have come here to join you in prayers,” said Mao. Bishop Bainomugisha called on the confirmed children to desist from satanic temptations and hold onto the catholic faith and its norms. Mao told the congregation that he was the anointed one and he intended to bring about transformation. Uganda, he added needed a new breed of leaders, adding that. After the service, Mao, proceeded to Kijangi landing site on Lake Albert where he addressed his supporters but upon leaving, his car got stuck at the landing site thus cancelling the evening rally at Hoima bus park. But Sunday Bigogo, Hoima’s DP chairman said another rally would be organised.

Monday, December 13, 2010


Democratic Party presidential candidate Norbert Mao has unveiled a new campaign strategy for Buganda region, saying the party has to keep the region as its stronghold.Unlike in other regions where Mr Mao has campaigned with a handful of party officials, he said his campaigns in Buganda would be carried out jointly with other party flag-bearers for various posts. “When I start campaigns here (Buganda) I would wish to see all DP candidates at all levels. We shall move village to village together,” he said. “It is true we have garnered more support in other regions but since Buganda is our stronghold we have to consolidate our support here.”
Mr Mao made the remarks last Friday in Kampala while meeting party members from Buganda region. He is the first DP leader from a region outside Buganda. He said his campaign task force in Buganda was in the process of printing joint posters with his picture and those of other party flag-bearers at parliamentary and local council levels. “By doing this we hope to save more money on printing posters and use it for other party activities,” he said, adding “We also hope to launch an aggressive media campaign very soon.”
Mr Mao, however, said he party still needed more money from well-wishers to smoothly carry out campaigns. He said he spends at least Shs5million on the campaign trail daily and some Shs300 million will be required on the polling day alone.
Mr Mao , who is making his first shot at presidency, has so far canvassed votes in five sub regions of Busoga, Lango, Karamoja and Bunyoro. According to his campaign programme, Mr Mao is expected to start campaigns in Buganda on January 6 with his first rally in Lwengo District. He castigated some party members whom he said were disrespectful of his leadership and posing as if they own the party. “No one should pose as an historical in DP. We are all equal and we must follow the law,” he said.


PRESIDENT Norbert Mao has explained the reason why the Democratic Partybacks Socio Democratic boss Micheal Mabikke for the Kampala Mayoral race.
HE said Mabikke was not his first choice but the defiance of Erias Lukwagoand his failure to follow party rules forced the party to back Mabikke.“When a beautiful woman refuses to take your marriage proposals, you don’tgive up with marriage as a man. You look out for one who is medium becauseyou have to marry. Our party has full support for Michael Mabikke andeveryone should vote for him as mayor,” Mao said over the weekend.Mao said Lukwago was variously contacted to nominate as DP but he refusedand instead said if the party wanted, they take the party symbols to hishome.HE argued party, members to abide by their constitution to avoid rifts thatwill result in time wasting. “When you look at time wasted with Suubi, youcount a lot of waste. We wasted a lot of time in the useless court casesover our election because someone wants to antagonize the party. We need tofocus ourselves to winning the elections and fetching votes,” Mao said.Mao dismissed talks of intrigue in the party as Lukwago moves aroundblackmailing it.“If we were working on intrigue, then Betty Nambooze who has been at thehelm of criticizing our activities would not have been nominated on the DPticket,” Mao said.He was at Christ the King meeting Buganda leaders who he argued to researchissues relevant to their electorate.THE party chairman said they made several attempts and met with EriasLukwago over six months before the nominations to have him as their mayoralcandidate but he refused.“At one time, I met with Mufti Zubair Kayongo and requested him to talk toLukwago about the Mayorship but Lukwago declined. Earlier, myself, IssaKikungwe, Mao and Vice president JB Kawanga spoke to him in vain,” Kezaalasaid.
Tribal Ssuubi
He took a swipe at the Suubi 2011 pressure group for having a tribalisticagenda blaming its members for sidelining Mao because of his tribe.
The party treasurer Issa Kikungwe said the party requires a lot of money andeveryone needs to mobilize funds.HE said mobile phone users can raise 1,000/- for the party by sending an SMSto 7879. Just type the word DP and send to that code. Other networks willavail codes this week. For mobile money, the user numbers are 0776001211 or0776550077. They can also buy budges and T-shirts on which Mao’s portrait isinscribed.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010


THE Democratic Party (DP) presidential candidate, Norbert Mao, yesterday began campaigning in Bunyoro sub-region, dismissing fears that he had been injured in an accident on the Hoima-Masindi road. Mao, who was travelling in a convoy of four vehicles from Lira to Kibaale district, was involved in an accident when his driver lost control of the vehicle at Kakapeya trading centre, five kilometres from Hoima town. Witnesses said Mao’s vehicle crashed when the driver lost visibility on the dusty road after a commuter taxi heading to Masindi drove past his convoy at high speed. “We heard a loud bang and saw a lot of dust on the road, only to find that a vehicle had crashed,” Sam Irumba, a resident, said. After the accident, Mao was rushed to Kyakapeya health centre, where he was treated before he continued to Kibaale district to launch his campaigns. The DP spokesperson, Kenneth Kakande, said Mao was safe and was back on the campaign trail. Victoria Iguru, a nurse at Kyakapeya health centre, said Mao sustained minor injuries to his knees and fingers. The Hoima district Police commander, Augustine Kasangaki, said the accident happened at around 11:00am, adding that they were notified about the incident through a phone call from one of people who were travelling in the convoy. By midday, his vehicle, registration number UAN 560E, was still at the scene with traffic officers trying to establish the cause of the accident

Tuesday, December 07, 2010


DEMOCRATIC Party Presidential candidate Nobert Mao has been involved in an car accident. He was travelling to Kibaale district for his campaign this morning with his entourage, when the car he was travelling in overturned. Mao sustained minor injuries. The accident happened at Buhanika, in Butebere parish in Hoima district. According to DP spokesperson Kenneth Kakande, Mao was rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment on the minor injuries he sustained He says Mao was not fatally injured, although his official campaign car has been severely damaged. Police have launched investigations into the cause of the accident.


Soldiers of the Special Forces Group (SFG), the unit responsible for the protection of the President, on Sunday reportedly delayed DP presidential candidate Norbert Mao at their road block for 30 minutes, a situation which may have contributed to his failure to conduct rallies in Otuke District.
Mr Mao, who was scheduled to address his first rally in Otuke at Okwang Trading Centre on Monday afternoon, arrived at the SFG check point near Baralegi Stage lodge and 4pm and was blocked.

Mao blocked
“As they approached the barracks, they saw a string across the road and his security details came out to find out what was happening. Some soldiers who were not armed started emerging from their concealment,” a source, who was travelling with Mr Mao told this paper.
The source said the soldiers asked Mr Mao who he is to argue with them when even President Museveni’s convoy does not pass through that point. The source said Mr Mao told the soldiers to go and build their own road if they want to set up a road block.
According to the source, Mr Mao’s security detail tried to explain their position but the army officer, in-charge said he was implementing orders from above. After about 30 minutes, two army officers came and instructed the soldiers to let Mr Mao’s contingent through the road block. Mr Mao arrived at Okwang Trading Centre and found his supporters had already left. He then proceeded to Otuke Town Council and arrived at 8pm to find no one waiting for him.
The Otuke District Police Commander, Mr Moses Kafero, said Mr Mao had reported the matter to them, adding that investigations are ongoing. Speaking on phone yesterday, Mr Kafero said it is normal procedure for people to be asked to identify themselves at the check point near Baralegi Stage lodge before they are allowed to proceed. “The problem with politicians is that they want to blow things out of proportion,” Mr Kafero said.
SFG spokesman Capt. Kwesiga said he could not comment on something he is not familiar with. “You ring me in 20 minutes as I try to find out what happened,” he said on phone yesterday afternoon. Capt. Kwesiga was not available for further comment by press time as his known phones were switched off.

Sunday, December 05, 2010


Democratic Party presidential candidate Norbert Mao has said he will build houses for civil servants on loan basis from banks and the National Social Security Funds.
Addressing rallies on Thursday at Bata, Adwoki and Dokolo Township in Dokolo District, the DP President General said in just one year of his term in office as president, he will make sure that no pupil sits on the floor.
“It’s sad to see our children sitting on the floor after 25 years (of Museveni’s rule). When I am elected, no child will sit on the floor in class in just one year,” Mao said, adding that each class will have a maximum of 50 pupils.
Mr Mao said there are about 500,000 civil servants in the country and he will ensure all of them get good houses of their own. “I will ensure all civil servants get good houses through mortgages,” he said.
Health Sector
On health, the DP leader said all health centre IVs will become district hospitals with an ambulance as well as doctors, male, female and children’s wards.
He said he will make sure all health centre IIIs have theatres while all health centre IIs have emergency theatres. He said he will also make sure all regions in the country have a factory for making drugs.Mr Mao said government has injected a lot of money in Quality Chemicals, a factory making locally produced anti-retroviral HIV drugs, yet the problem of inadequate drugs still persist.
“The government is helping to make drugs but one wonders where these drugs are going,” he said. Mao reiterated said many district leaders implicated in corruption have gone to hide in NRM party. He cited Lira District chairman Franco Ojur, who he said is now hiding in NRM after the NUSAF scandal.
Asked by his supporter why he is talking about only Mr Museveni when there are six other presidential candidates in the race, Mr Mao said all others are also running after Mr Museveni who has the ball. “I can not attack whoever has no ball,” he said.
Remain united
Mr Mao urged people to be united during this election. He counselled them to avoid getting involved in tribal land conflicts. Mr Mao also said said he has programmes for building churches and mosques. “I will appoint a minister for religious affairs in the Office of the President,” he said.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010


A mother of six donated sh2,000 to Democratic Party presidential flag-bearer Norbert Mao to help him buy mineral water during his campaign. The woman, identified as Hellen Odongo, said she would have given Mao more money if she was rich. “Little as it may be, get it to help you just buy a bottle of mineral water,” she said. This was after Mao gave out his phone contact, saying his supporters could call him whenever in trouble, or to support his campaign. “You can send me money using mobile money and SMS using 0772885688. President Yoweri Museveni cannot give you his phone number because he is only interested in your votes,” he said. Mao was addressing his supporters at Anekapiri market in Kole district on Monday. He attacked President Yoweri Museveni over delaying to end the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) war and failing to support families that lost relatives during the conflict. Mao said Museveni was only interested in votes, but not addressing the concerns of the people that suffered harm during the two-decade conflict in the north. He noted that Museveni left the people of Teso, Lango, Acholi and West Nile to suffer at the hands of the LRA, forgetting that it was the responsibility of the Government to protect civilians. Mao added that Museveni had failed to unite Ugandans because of his bad governance. “When our people were being killed here in the north, Museveni was busy deploying our sons and daughters to fight in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Somalia,” he said. Some supporters of the ruling National Resistance Movement surrendered their party cards and T-shirts to Mao.