Monday, December 27, 2010


The Democratic Party presidential candidate, Mr Norbert Mao, has said he has redeemed one of the oldest political parties in the country. Mr Mao said under his leadership, the Democratic Party has been empowered to take over the presidency of Uganda.
Last week, Mr Mao toured the southwestern district of Kanungu and pitched camp at Kihiihi Central Market, where he addressed a rally. He said although he was new to the people of Kanungu, he was not new to politics.
“My 10-year experience in Parliament and five years as LC5 chairperson of Gulu gave me knowledge and insight to successfully lead Uganda,” he said.He said the experience enabled him to understand national politics and to empathise with the challenges of local governance.
Mr Mao said it was through his experience that he is able to understand the extent of injustice and poverty in Uganda. Once in power, he pledged, he would abolish trading licences for small business owners.
He also promised to revise the tax structure to ensure more taxes for high-income earners and to abolish tax for anyone earning less than Shs400,000 a month.
“The unfair taxation system in Uganda is suffocating the growth of small businesses,” he said. The DP candidate also addressed the more localised needs of the people in Kanungu. He said it was appalling that the district does not have a tarmack road linking it to the rest of the country.
Mao vowed that if elected next year, he would connect all districts in Uganda to each other through quality tarmack roads. He said this would encourage trade and the growth of agriculture across the country. The DP president used his Kanungu campaign to once again blast President Museveni and his government for their failings.
He said Mr Museveni’s leadership of the country and the National Resistance Movement would not stand the test of time and that in the future the party would crumble.
Mr Mao accused Museveni of mismanaging the country and that if he becomes Uganda’s next president he would set up a reconciliation committee to openly address people’s grievances and to foster unity.

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