Thursday, December 23, 2010


The Democratic Party (DP) presidential candidate, Mr Norbert Mao has said creation of new districts is hurting service delivery in all sectors.
Mr Mao, who addressed several rallies in Mitooma District in Ankole sub-region on Tuesday, said: “Giving you a district is like being handed an empty plate without food. Even if you get a district, without quality basic services, then you are better off without it.”
Power tariffs
Mr Mao added: “The youth do not need raps, they want employment. Your MPs should stop thanking Museveni for the districts created because you vote them to serve your interest and not those of the President.”
The DP presidential candidate said if elected, he will reduce power tariffs by merging all companies in the electricity business into one as it used to be under the Uganda Electricity Board.
“Power is expensive here and cheap in Rwanda and Kenya where we export it because the electricity board was split into three other companies. All these companies are out to make money and that is why our tariffs are high,” he said.Mr Mao said he will eradicate corruption in the country.
He said he will tarmack all roads when he is voted into power. Mitooma is one of the three districts carved out of Bushenyi. The others are Buhweju and Sheema

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