Tuesday, December 07, 2010


Soldiers of the Special Forces Group (SFG), the unit responsible for the protection of the President, on Sunday reportedly delayed DP presidential candidate Norbert Mao at their road block for 30 minutes, a situation which may have contributed to his failure to conduct rallies in Otuke District.
Mr Mao, who was scheduled to address his first rally in Otuke at Okwang Trading Centre on Monday afternoon, arrived at the SFG check point near Baralegi Stage lodge and 4pm and was blocked.

Mao blocked
“As they approached the barracks, they saw a string across the road and his security details came out to find out what was happening. Some soldiers who were not armed started emerging from their concealment,” a source, who was travelling with Mr Mao told this paper.
The source said the soldiers asked Mr Mao who he is to argue with them when even President Museveni’s convoy does not pass through that point. The source said Mr Mao told the soldiers to go and build their own road if they want to set up a road block.
According to the source, Mr Mao’s security detail tried to explain their position but the army officer, in-charge said he was implementing orders from above. After about 30 minutes, two army officers came and instructed the soldiers to let Mr Mao’s contingent through the road block. Mr Mao arrived at Okwang Trading Centre and found his supporters had already left. He then proceeded to Otuke Town Council and arrived at 8pm to find no one waiting for him.
The Otuke District Police Commander, Mr Moses Kafero, said Mr Mao had reported the matter to them, adding that investigations are ongoing. Speaking on phone yesterday, Mr Kafero said it is normal procedure for people to be asked to identify themselves at the check point near Baralegi Stage lodge before they are allowed to proceed. “The problem with politicians is that they want to blow things out of proportion,” Mr Kafero said.
SFG spokesman Capt. Kwesiga said he could not comment on something he is not familiar with. “You ring me in 20 minutes as I try to find out what happened,” he said on phone yesterday afternoon. Capt. Kwesiga was not available for further comment by press time as his known phones were switched off.

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