Sunday, December 05, 2010


Democratic Party presidential candidate Norbert Mao has said he will build houses for civil servants on loan basis from banks and the National Social Security Funds.
Addressing rallies on Thursday at Bata, Adwoki and Dokolo Township in Dokolo District, the DP President General said in just one year of his term in office as president, he will make sure that no pupil sits on the floor.
“It’s sad to see our children sitting on the floor after 25 years (of Museveni’s rule). When I am elected, no child will sit on the floor in class in just one year,” Mao said, adding that each class will have a maximum of 50 pupils.
Mr Mao said there are about 500,000 civil servants in the country and he will ensure all of them get good houses of their own. “I will ensure all civil servants get good houses through mortgages,” he said.
Health Sector
On health, the DP leader said all health centre IVs will become district hospitals with an ambulance as well as doctors, male, female and children’s wards.
He said he will make sure all health centre IIIs have theatres while all health centre IIs have emergency theatres. He said he will also make sure all regions in the country have a factory for making drugs.Mr Mao said government has injected a lot of money in Quality Chemicals, a factory making locally produced anti-retroviral HIV drugs, yet the problem of inadequate drugs still persist.
“The government is helping to make drugs but one wonders where these drugs are going,” he said. Mao reiterated said many district leaders implicated in corruption have gone to hide in NRM party. He cited Lira District chairman Franco Ojur, who he said is now hiding in NRM after the NUSAF scandal.
Asked by his supporter why he is talking about only Mr Museveni when there are six other presidential candidates in the race, Mr Mao said all others are also running after Mr Museveni who has the ball. “I can not attack whoever has no ball,” he said.
Remain united
Mr Mao urged people to be united during this election. He counselled them to avoid getting involved in tribal land conflicts. Mr Mao also said said he has programmes for building churches and mosques. “I will appoint a minister for religious affairs in the Office of the President,” he said.

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