Monday, July 31, 2006

DP Meets President Museveni presents Memo

On July 28, 2006

Your Excellency the President, as you know, the Democratic Party has been on the forefront in the struggle for peace, democracy and development in Uganda for over five decades now. We applaud the people of Uganda for again choosing a path for freedom and liberty in multiparty democracy. However, despite holding the 2006 general elections under the multiparty political dispensation, we have not truly had a transition from the Movement one-party system. The country is still crying out for bold and inspiring leadership to urgently tackle many challenging problems that face us today.

You recall, Mr. President, that on the 26th August 2005 the DP, under the group of six political parties (G6) cooperation, submitted to you a petition containing demands for an equitable democratization process towards the transition and holding democratic elections. We are disappointed that you did not labour to respond to those burning issues at the time which have, after all, remained relevant following the recent general elections.

The Democratic Party now wishes to put before you the following issues that require urgent attention and response if we must move this country selflessly from despair to hope, from war to peace, and from poverty to prosperity. DP is very keen to follow up these matters with you and is ready to contribute ground-breaking solutions to our deep-seated multiple problems.


(1) Institutionalizing a Meaningful Framework for Dialogue:

a) We request that Your Excellency the President and leaders of opposition parties meet regularly, at least once semi-annually, to discuss matters of national interests. A committee consisting of members from both opposition and government should be established to coordinate and undertake scheduling and production of agenda for such meetings. We also propose that in the future the chair should rotate among political parties.

b) A National Conference must convene urgently involving representatives of all stakeholders including, government, opposition parties, civil society, business, youth, and law enforcement to discuss and resolve outstanding national issues where there seems to be no unanimity. Such issues would cover, but not limited to, matters of national unity, system of governance, evaluation of the political transition, and the continuing role of the military in Uganda’s politics.

(2) The Ongoing Peace Negotiations in Juba:

a) DP has always stood for peace. We fully support the ongoing peace process and urge both the government and the LRA to demonstrate goodwill and trust, and agree on a permanent end to war and hostilities so that the long-suffering people in the north and east of the country return to their homes to embark on productive resettlement.

b) We urge for immediate establishment of a Truth and Reconciliation Commission to help the nation fully explore and understand the root causes of our enduring conflicts and biases and to permanently heal our communities. For instance, your government has successfully reached agreements with several rebel groups that have since been absorbed or disbanded. But the country is concerned and would like to know why the LRA has stood out and persisted for almost 20 years.

(3) Amend the Electoral Laws:

The country cannot be stable unless and until people gain confidence in the electoral process and in their government. The Democratic Party demands that the Electoral Laws be amended as a matter of urgency to ensure independence in the management of our elections and to ensure free and fair elections.

a) Immediately halt the forthcoming elections of the Local Councils that have been scheduled for August due to the ongoing massive fraud with the registration of voters. DP has discovered that NRMO Officials, and not the Electoral Commission, are registering voters and are in possession of the official registers. This is happening in Busia and Mukono, for example, and is a direct evidence of a flawed electoral system and a mockery of our democracy.

b) Reform the Electoral Commission within the next one year. Amend the Electoral Commission Act to ensure independence of the Commissioners and provide security of tenure of the offices of the Commissioners similar to that of the Judges of the High Court. The present membership of the Commission is partisan and should be dissolved.

c) Undertake major campaign finance reform. Regulate campaign funding and, in particular, require and legislate spending limits for all candidates to control vote buying and corruption.

d) Amend all the laws that infringe on the rights of association and expression, such as the Police Act, the Law on Sedition, the Media Act, and the Anti-Terrorism Act.

It is important for the future stability of this country to amend the Electoral Laws and Electoral Commission Act in order for the people of Uganda to regain their confidence in the electoral process.

(4) Fund Political Parties:

The government should immediately implement the provision of the Law that provides for State-funding of political parties in order to help parties achieve equity in delivering civic education to our population and ensure that multiparty competition works for the good of the country.


(1) Reinstate Presidential Term Limit:

We have had a painful history of governance in Uganda. As responsible leaders, we must protect current and future generations from the perpetuation and emergence of dictatorial regimes in Uganda. The concentration of power in one office or one individual creates a culture of impunity and incentives on the incumbent to hold onto power with no end in sight. This culture also encourages bribery and institutionalized corruption to retain power at any cost. DP demands that the Presidential Term Limit be restored. The country generally believes that the first Constitutional amendment Act that took effect in 2005 particularly with regard to removing the Presidential Term Limit was conducted primarily at your urging, Your Excellency. We therefore believe that you have a moral duty to join the DP and other democratic efforts to help restore the Constitutional provision for the Presidential Term Limit.

(2) Stop the Arbitrary “Donation” and Allocation of Land:

DP is vehemently opposed to the current arbitrary system under your Presidency of awarding land to “foreign investors.” State House should allow government departments and agencies to function without unduly influencing them or interfering with their work. And investors, whether local or foreign, must follow proper procedures and channels outlined in the Laws of our country.

a) We demand that a transparent competitive system of bidding for land development be instituted. We recognize that there is no available investable land in Uganda which is free. DP finds it unacceptable that some of these lands being dished out to proposed investments are displacing legal establishments. We also strongly suggest that, for all prime locations which are legally available for redevelopment, government should propose and offer “land-for-equity swap” to a winning investor.

b) Institute strict and better zoning laws in Uganda. There is a clear lack of effective urban planning in the country and a complete disregard to environmental considerations. Currently, the urge to step up investments has resulted in incompatible projects being structured side by side – industries and bars in residential areas, hotels besides schools, and factories alongside schools.

(3) Step Up the Fight on Corruption:

DP insists that government must commit itself and clearly demonstrate political will to zero tolerance on corruption. Corruption discourages investments, strains performance of government, and erodes the value of service delivery to the tax payer and the entire population. We propose that, aside from vigorous enforcement of existing laws, the government must lawfully and credibly pursue forfeiture of stolen funds, seizure of assets, and use of international law enforcement to retrieve stolen funds now in foreign custody. Also, institute a voluntary amnesty for persons willing to return stolen funds and property.

(4) Restructure Government:

We strongly believe that the country cannot afford the costs of running a huge government as it is now.

a) We propose that the number of Ministries be drastically scaled down. DP is available to offer details of this restructuring.

b) We strongly advise you, Mr. President, to halt the creation of new Districts and suggest that smaller Districts be merged.

c) We suggest that the position of Resident District Commissioners be scrapped, and that you immediately halt the re-appointments of Presidential Advisors. RDCs have practically turned into political agents of the government. This is unacceptable and undesirable.

(5) Harmonize and Rationalize Salaries of Public Employees:

DP strongly believes there is an urgent need to have one national regulatory body to determine salaries paid to public employees.

(6) Security and National Defense:

a) Transform the current UPDF and build a truly neutral professional army. We further suggest legislation on the size and composition of the armed forces. We must press for a national army that is representative of and reflects the regional diversity of our country.

b) The Presidential Guard Brigade (PGB) must be part of the regular army, in Law and practice, to ensure that it is national in character and is compensated in comparison to the rest of the UPDF. We are mindful of the grave consequences this country and especially some particular communities have suffered as a result of regimes maintaining sectarian and ethnic armies.

c) The Democratic Party demands that the investigative reports on the killing of Dr. Andrew L. Kayiira now be made public. This is long overdue. In the past, whenever you appointed commissions of inquiry to investigate into the murders of several Ugandans, you raised people’s hopes in the process of justice and the credibility of our security agencies. Unfortunately, our confidence in the security organs of government has drastically fallen because of their persistent failure to report findings and be accountable.

d) We demand that unwarranted arrests and detention of people in so called “safe houses” be stopped immediately.

(7) Create an Independent and Representative Judiciary:

a) The appointment of Judicial Officers should be based on professionalism and must also take into account regional balance. Mr. President, you should now use pending and future nominations during your term of office to boldly rectify those anomalies.

b) We completely reject the appointments of political party cadres as Judges.

c) The government and the armed forces must not interfere at all with the Judiciary and in the way the Judges run their responsibilities and duties. If this continues, our budding democracy will be wrecked and the country will drift into turmoil.

(8) A Federal System of Governance for All Regions of the Country:

a) DP believes that the country badly needs change in the underlying system of governance. We are of the view that the unitary system has failed Uganda in many aspects. We propose that Uganda adopts a federal system of governance which has the potential to heal the country and help address the deepening imbalance in economic prosperity, curb the institutionalized corruption, and boost productivity by encouraging healthy internal competition and efficiency.

b) While we support Buganda’s support for a federal status, this issue must be discussed and handled on a national scale and not on a bilateral basis as is the case now.

c) The people of Uganda have never demanded Regional Tier system of governance. It is being imposed on them by the government in an effort to forestall the favorable call for federalism.

(9) Strengthen the East African Community:

DP believes that an effective functional Common Market is best for East Africa. We urge the East African nations to work for free movement of persons and capital in the region, for common labour markets, external tariffs, and currency. We, however, caution that a federation of East Africa should not be driven as a federation of the Presidents of the nation-states, but rather a federation of the people. In any process that is meant to lead the region to a political federation the people must first be fully consulted and involved.


(1) Urgently Address the Energy Crisis:

The current electricity crisis in the country must not be allowed to continue any longer. If it happens, the manufacturing sector will sharply contract, job creation will stagnate, unemployment will persistently rise, government revenues will plummet, and the economy overall will drastically recede.

a) It is public knowledge that no help is expected from Bujagali Dam and Karuma Falls at least for another three years. But the construction and completion of these two schemes require about $1 billion. To date, it is not yet clear whether the government has completed securing their total financing. The Democratic Party is asking for public assurance.

b) In the emergency measure put in place, your government has cited the Thermal Power Generation Unit now in operation, with a plan to import and set up two additional Units. DP has established that the current Unit consumes 160,000 litres of diesel per day at a cost of roughly shs320 million. This translates to about shs10 billion per month spent on diesel. In the event that the other two Units are acquired, the total cost of diesel for operating the three Units will amount to shs30 billion ($17m) per month. The implication is that electricity tariff must again go up substantially. This is utterly unsustainable.

c) We propose that the government should immediately permit importation of energy saving bulbs, inverters, batteries, and other relevant accessories, all free of taxes.

d) We are of the strong view that it would be relatively cheaper for government to opt for importation of electricity instead of injecting further investments in Thermal Power Generation Units. We are also not aware of any environmental impact assessment studies that have been done on the operation of the Units.

(2) Poverty:

a) As you are aware, poverty is widening and deepening in the country. At the beginning of 2005 about 38 percent of the Ugandan population (and over 70 percent in war-torn areas) was living on less than $1 a day. To succeed in maintaining that level of poverty in the country, the economy must grow at an annual rate of 7 percent. Therefore, to reduce poverty GDP growth rate must be in excess of 7 percent. As you are aware, the Hon. Minister of Finance that our GDP grew at only 5.3 percent in 2005, and there is no expectation for a better performance over the next year. It is clear, therefore, that poverty is on a steady rise.

b) As a first step, government must focus on eradicating hunger if we must succeed in taming poverty.

c) We demand that government sets its priority right and commits itself more to the development and modernization of Agriculture. The recent budgetary allocation shows total government neglect of the sector which employs about 88 percent of the population.

d) It is inconceivable and unacceptable that Agriculture receives a paltry 3.5 percent of budgetary assignments (2006/07). State House alone gets a much bigger budget than that.

e) At an annual growth rate of 0.9 percent in Agricultural production over the last three years compared to a 3 percentage growth in population, your government is certainly losing the war on poverty.

f) Agriculture in Uganda still primarily depends on the prevalence of rain. Mechanization has not improved a great deal.

g) In spite of PMA, NAADS, and your campaigns over the last 10 years, modernization of Agriculture appears to have had little success.

h) Agricultural advisory services and extension work are non-existent in most parts of the country where they are most needed.

i) Restore farmers’ Cooperatives. Currently, farmers have lost interest in cash crop production due to pricing manipulation and severe lack of markets. Consider the case of vanilla. Despite fluctuations in world market prices, for every $10 that vanilla export earned, a local Uganda farmer only received $1.

(3) Reform the Banking Sector

a) Interest rates on credit capital are exceedingly high and are bankrupting many enterprises especially small businesses. We urge the Central Bank to review and change its monetary policy and requirements by initiating a reduction in interest rates levels.

b) Set restrictions to the ever wild imposition of fees by Commercial Banks that have made most depositors effectively earning negative interest on their savings. If uncontrolled, this could eventually lead to a trigger of undesirable process of disintermediation – funds flying out of the sector that would adversely affect the liquidity, capitalization and solvency of some banks. This would also work against government monetary target of increasing savings rate in the economy.

c) Restructure the Uganda Development Bank. Render the Bank more autonomy so that it can shield itself from political influence and attain a more professional management. As a strategy, the Bank must be made to grow into an enviable center for long-term capital in the country. Merge Uganda Development Bank with Housing Finance Corporation.

d) Establish a National Cooperative Bank to support agricultural financing and allow farmers have access to credit at reasonable interest rates. Other services, including lease financing, could be made available. It is critically important to keep political functionaries out of the operations of the Bank.

e) Abolish the current Ministry of Microfinance but step up support of the Microfinance industry. Instead, create a strong Department of Small Enterprises in the Ministry of Finance, specifically to monitor the industry and offer advisory services to small businesses and entrepreneurs.


(1) Education:

a) DP fully supports the Universal Primary education (UPE) but is dismayed by the poor quality of the programme. As you know, the Democratic Party was the first to propose UPE way back in 1960. In 1996 the Party reiterated its same position. However, we urge the government to direct more funding to drastically improve the quality of the program. The primary school (UPE) drop out rate ranging from 22 percent in Masaka to 81 percent in Kumi is unacceptable. Currently 64 percent of P3 UPE pupils cannot read or write.

b) We support the introduction of Universal Secondary Education (USE) as proposed by government but we are opposed to cutting back funding of UPE and shifting it to USE.

c) Government sponsorship in higher education should be revised to include consideration of need based funding to dominate merit and location based sponsorship.

(2) Health:

DP recognizes that access to health care for all is an important millennium development goal. We urge the government to set investment in health care as a priority.

a) Pay a decent and living wage to all health workers.

b) Currently about 30 percent of positions in hospitals and health facilities across the country are unfilled. Government must address this anomaly.

c) About 7 percent of our population is believed to be HIV positive. Unfortunately, only 8 percent of those have access to treatment. Government must urgently devote more funds to the fight against this pandemic.


John Ssebaana Kizito Richard Ebil Ottoo
President Secretary General

Monday, July 17, 2006

DP Launches Parliamentary Group

Former DP President launched the DP Parliamentary Group in Kampala last Friday with a call to party members to continue fighting for the ideals of the party. The DP Caucus chaired by DP whip Issa Kikungwe, Kyaddondo South MP is comprised of DP MPs and former DP Parliamentary Candidates. DP officials Secretary General Richard Ottoo, Publicist Betty Nambooze (left) and Technical Advisory Committee Member Irene Makumbi were among those present. In other news the IRI has promised to fund 4 DP regional offices being set up as part of the 2006-2011 strategic plan.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

DP Chairman's Press Release on Party Values

Prof. J.K.Mukiibi National Chairman flanked by Fred Mwesigwa Publicity Secretary and Chairman of the DP Veterans Committee Eng. Bonny Kasujja:


The Democratic Party, after reviewing (a) its mostly painful experiences over the last 50 years, (b) the mostly turbulent post independence history of Uganda and other Sub-Saharan African countries and the causes thereof, and (c) the prevailing political and economic global situation, has re-codified its guiding principles over the next 10 years and beyond and would like to inform its membership and the general public as follows:

DP Core Values: The DP core values are:
· Truth and Justice
· Peace, Security and Stability
· Honest Government
· Equal Opportunity for Social and Economic Advancement
· Equality Before the Law
· Observance of Basic Human Rights

2. DP’s Ideology:
We believe in a pluralistic democratic society in which every citizen has an unalienable right to exploit his/her potential for the purpose of improving his/her wellbeing without infringing on the rights of other citizens. We also believe in a system of government, pursuing a mixed economy policy which guarantees meaningful livelihoods for all.

3. DP’s Vision of the Nation-state of Uganda:
A nation of responsible citizens who are politically and economically empowered, productive, prosperous, united by the love of their country, and living in harmony with one another, the rest of humanity, and with their environment.

4. DP’s Vision of Itself:
A strong, united, and disciplined party championing personal, cultural and political freedoms of all citizens of Uganda, the rule of law, high ethical standards in Government, security of life and property and justice for all.

5. DP’s Mission:

To lawfully capture state power and form an efficient, effective, transparent and just government which will ensure the rule of law, peace, security, stability and prosperity for all citizens of Uganda and which will forge harmonious relations with all nations of the world.

6. DP’s Symbols:
Symbols are important for political and non-political organizations and among literate and illiterate societies because they convey important messages to stakeholders and clients in a concise and crisp manner. They brand organizations. The founders of DP chose a hand hoe as its symbol because it was the commonest and most important tool in the lives of Ugandans. It was the basis of all livelihoods at that time. Despite the passage of time, the hoe is still the primary tool of all rural people who comprise more than 90 percent of all Ugandans. The other 10 percent depend on the food produced by peasants using the hoe. Properly articulated this symbol can carry a very powerful political message. Therefore DP is retaining the hand hoe as the party’s main symbol.

Implications of the DP’s Guiding Principles:
These re-formatted principles of the party, have important implications for DP’s membership, on the relationship between DP and other political organizations in Uganda, and for the relationships between DP and political organizations outside Uganda.

Ø On DP Membership: All members of the party are expected to embrace these principles and all DP leaders are expected to articulate and propagate these, and not any other principles, when speaking on behalf of the party. Any present DP member who cannot and will not subscribe to these principles, has a fundamental right and honorable duty to leave the party.

Ø For other political organizations in Uganda: All political parties in Uganda registered separately under the Political Organizations Act. Other parties may not have been aware of our political principles at the time of their registration. We are hereby making these principles abundantly clear to all. Other parties or their members are free to join us if they subscribe to the same principles. If those parties do not subscribe to the same principles as DP, then they are clearly very different political entities. Because we believe in a pluralistic society, we will respect their separate and independent existence. We will however also expect other parties to respect DP’s separate and independent existence.

Ø For External Organizations: In global terms, the principles enumerated above place DP in a centrist position. Historically, DP has never been a fascist or right wing party and neither is it contemplating to be so. Similarly, DP has never been a socialist or left wing party and neither is it planning to be so. DP abhors extremism. The party will therefore associate with political organizations in the international arena which share its political ideals. For now, DP is opting to associate with conservative organizations.

In Truth and Justice and For God and my Country

Joseph K Mukiibi PhD

For and on behalf of DP National Executive Committee

11th July 2006

CC: President-General of DP
CC: All members of NEC

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Reopen Federalism Debate

Government has failed to implement the Regional Tier by the July 1, 2006 constitutional deadline. Government cash strapped after the February 2006 elections cannot afford to hold another round of elections. The regional governments' mandate over natural resources may also be problematic creating a new headache for the central government after discovery of oil in Lake Albert. Land ownership remains a very sensitive issue in Uganda which is in the middle of a prolonged population boom rising from 16 million residents in 1991 to nearly 30 million people in 2006. The excuse given by Third Deputy Prime Minister Ally Kirunda Kivejjinja that Buganda the biggest proponent for regional government refused to cooperate with government to implement the regional tier does not ring true for the other regional governments; Acholi, Busoga, Bunyoro which have even more significant regional issues.

Otafiire pays tribute to DP President

Local Government Minister Kahinda Otafiire has commended the work of former Kampala Mayor and DP President Sebaana Kizito in redeveloping Kampala City. Otafiire made the remarks while presiding over the Association of Local Government Authorities Assembly in Masaka over the weekend. According to the state owned media, Otafiire said that "deep down in me" , "I Knew Sebaana did a good job".

Thursday, June 15, 2006

DP Officials prepare for Official Budget Response

Top DP officials SG Richard Ottoo and Treasurer Hajati Sarah Sebaggala are on their way to Parliament to listen to the Budget Speech. Their official response is expected later this week. Finance Minister Dr. Suruma is expected to present an austerity budget occasioned by the Energy crisis and worsening balance of payments situation caused by an astronomical energy bill. DP has been very critical of the statist approach of subsidizing a few large businesses at the expense of the vast micro-finance sector now overseen by President Museveni's half brother Caleb Akandwanaho.

DP NEC Debates Shadow Cabinet

DP's National Executive Committee heard presentations from DP MPs who want to be included in FDC's shadow cabinet. This follows a series of contradictory messages from the Parliamentary group who have been lobbying hard to be included in FDC's Official Parliamentary grouping. In the 9th Parliament, the Official Opposition controls 4 Parliamentary Committees out of 18. More than ten weeks after Parliament's inauguration, the official opposition has failed to name a Shadow Cabinet and operationalize its whip. DP was the first parliamentary party to name its Shadow Cabinet followed by NRMO and UPC.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Shadow DP Health Minister praises sacking of Health Bosses

In his first official briefing as Shadow DP Minister for Health and Human Services, Dr. Bayigga Lulume has commended the sacking of Health Ministers, Jim Muhwezi, Dr. Robert Kamugisha (Primary Health Care) and Capt. Mike Mukula (General Duties). Dr. Bayigga noted that their testimony at the GF Inquiry showed how detached the ministerial team was from the welfare of the common man, an environment that encouraged plunder of GF funds. All 3 were at the center of the controversial Global Fund scandal that misappropriated more than $200 million. General Muhwezi, a long time protege of President Museveni who took some directives from the President and his wife, Ruhama MP Janet Museveni was promised a new posting if the Global Fund report now being drafted absolved him of blame. Rukungiri district home to both Muhwezi and FDC President Kizza Besigye has another MP Paula Turyahikayo (Rubabo) on the list of those likely to be recommended for prosecution. Cpt Mukula is being lined up for posting as High Commissioner to the UK according to the Uganda Weekly Observer, while Dr. Kamugisha a former CA candidate (Rujumbura) (1994) and former High Commissioner to Kenya is retiring from active politics.

DP USA Annual meeting kicks on Dallas, TX

The annual DP USA summer meeting kicks off Saturday in Dallas TX. Members are being hosted by DP Texas Chairman, Sebastian Lwanga. Party business includes a confidential working paper sent by DP President General Sebaana Kizito. The party rejuvenation program has evolved into working papers prepared by different working groups. DP Texas is the second largest DP branch in the United States, behind California.

Masaka by-election today

Voters in Masaka district elect a Woman District MP. Agnes Mayanja is carrying the flag for the Democratic Party. DP MPs led by Matia Nsubuga Bireke descended into Uganda's former breadbasket to canvass for Agnes Mayanja.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

DP Shadow Cabinet

President: John Sebaana Kizito
Vice President and Minister of Education:Rainer Kafire
International & Regional Affairs: Dr. Richard Ebil Ottoo
Finance, Planning & Econ Dev: Sarah Kanyike Ssebaggala
National Security and Resettlement: Norbert Mao
Trade, Industry and Tourism: Issa Kikungwe
Local Government: Besweri Kezaala
Lands, Water & Environment: Mathias Nsubuga
Internal Affairs: John Kawanga
Health: Dr. Bayigga Lulume
Cooperatives & Rural Development: Deo Hasubi Njoki
Agriculture, Animal Industry & Fisheries: Prof. Joseph Mukiibi
Works & Transport: John Mugisha
Information: Betty Nambooze
Housing: Fred Mwesigwa
Legal Affairs: Erias Lukwago
Energy: Sebuliba Mutumba

Other appointments:

Jude Mbabaali: Personal Assistant to DP President.

Monday, April 24, 2006

DP Lays Strategy for Poll Security in 2011

In a move directly aimed at addressing rigging machinations and politicians playing upon voter's fear of violence, DP announced bold moves to equip itself with poll security ahead of the 2011 elections. At the end of a two day retreat that brought together warring factions, local and international leaders, DP's leaders summarized proposals to tackle burning issues in the party. A strong statement announcing training of party vigilantes provoked strong reaction from all corners of the political divide. These reactions forgot to note that DP's approach would remain lawful with the sole purpose of enforcing the laws on the books rather than a wholesale declaration of war on the government. Pictured left DP President Sebaana Kizito and DP National Chairman Prof. Joseph Mukiibi.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

DP President hosted by DP London Branch

DP President Sebaana Kizito returned home last week after a working visit to the United Kingdom. Completing his visit, he was hosted by the DP UK London branch where he briefed them on the last general elections and DP affairs in general. Addressing the disappointment with the poll results, President Sebaana Kizito pointed out that the final results did not reflect underlying DP support and its resurgence at the grassroots that benefited from his national campaign. In the last election DP candidates managed to collect 19% of all votes cast in parliamentary races yet they put up candidates in only 68 constituencies. It may be on of the bases for revitalizing proposals to switch to proportional representation in Parliament now that Uganda has entrenched a direct presidential election model.

Masaka Woman MP Agnes Mayanja faces by-election

Agnes Mayanja's election to Parliament unopposed was struck down by High Court Judge Richard Oscar Okumu Wengi, in favor of Sauda Namaggwa Mugerwa, a former diplomat. Mrs. Mugerwa completing her first term failed to submit her academic testimonials in time to the Electoral Commission a requirement for parliamentary nomination. The circumstances of this ruling are still being studied.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

DP leaders in London for talks with Conservative Party

DP President John Sebaana Kizito and DP Secretary General Richard Ottoo are in London for talks with the Conservative Party. John Sebaana Kizito arrived in London enroute from Madrid where he attended a World Mayor's Conference.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

DP Plans Post-election retreat

DP members plans to head into retreat April 20-23, 2006 to discuss the implications of the 2006 elections. The retreat will be at Ranch on the Lake in Entebbe. Picture left, DP PG and SG, Dr. Richard Ottoo addressing a press conference in Kampala today.

Monday, March 06, 2006

DP wins Masaka and Jinja Municipality seats, falls in Gulu

Elections for Mayor in Uganda's 14 municipalities ended yesterday. DP's incumbent Alex Ojera lost in Gulu Municipality. DP Vice Chair Besweri Kezaala swept aside the incumbent Wakudumira in Jinja by a 2:1 margin while Masaka Municipality Mayor John Tebyasa was slightly ahead of the NRM candidate in early returns filed with the local press Monday night.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Election Petitions reveal quandary of irregularities

Uganda's 2006 elections are being lauded as a watershed in terms of the freedom that accompanied the polling. Not so fast, the semblance of normalcy is quickly being thrown into challenge by election petitioners. So far, the biggest headache for candidates and their agents is the wide latitude given to the Returning Officer to announce election results. The Returning Officers' announcement ends all challenges to the counting process throwing it to the courts. Several Chief Administrative Officers (CAOs) appointed as returning officers used this power to frustrate candidates and their agents before declaring a winner. Since the Returning Officer collects results from field agents who include polling assistants and assistant returning officers, the integrity of the process is supposed to be checked by candidates' agents signature and countermanding of the tally sheets used to prepare an official Declaration of Results.

Norbert Mao wins Gulu LC V Chair

Outgoing Gulu Municipality MP won the Gulu district LC V seat polling 77.7% of the vote. He defeated Col. Walter Ochora who has served for 2 terms. Col. Ochora is remembered for the Radio Uganda announcement that ended Milton Obote's second presidency on July 28, 1985. Mao relinquishes Chairmanship of the DP Parliamentary caucus, will live and work in Gulu full-time.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

DP Claims Entebbe Municipality Seat

In an upset, DP's Mohammed Kawuma defeated Dr. Byatike Matovu, the long term seat holder who has held the seat since 1989.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Gulu Municipality Seat hangs in balance

Election day has not ended yet in Gulu Municipality. Leander Komakec (DP) has been gazetted MP by the Electoral Commission. Unofficial returns gazetted the FDC candidate. The seat was formerly held by Norbert Mao now running for the Gulu LC V seat. Other results still contested include: Kalungu East (John Kakooza), Bukoto Central (Jude Mbabaali), Kyotera (Damiano Lubega) and Mukono North (Betty Nambooze). All these seats had early returns in favor of these candidates before the final declaration of forms by the EC.

Electoral Commission reverses Mukono North Results

From Radio Simba By Emma Okella
Monday, 27 February 2006The Electoral Commission has cancelled the results for Mukono North Constituency where incumbent MP Rev. Peter Bakaluba Mukasa had been declared winner.

The commission has cancelled the results after a petition by his main challenger Betty Nambooze who says the votes were messed up with during the counting process. Betty Nambooze is DP's Publicity Secretary.

Mukono district Register had declared Bakaluba winner with 22,680 votes while Nambooze closely trailed with 22,232 votes.
The Commission has ordered a recount.

Friday, February 24, 2006

DP Claims win in Kampala Central

Erias Lukwago, DP legal advisor has defeated Housing Minister Francis Babu in the race for Kampala Central seat.

Rural districts delay in poll reporting

The fate of DP candidates in outlying constituencies was not known at the time dpblog closed for the evening. Early returns showed Henry Bazira Sewanyana, former DP Whip in the 1980-1985 Parliament ahead in Bukoto Mid-west. The fate of DP candidates in Kayunga, Luweero, and Mpigi districts which are expansive covering long distances was also not known by midnight EST. Ms. Susan Nabuuma is expected to win her race in Mityana South.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

More on Results

A few seats are still very close and a few have been lost:

DP's Bagunywa Nkalubo is falling to FDC's Beti Kamya in Lubaga North, Joseph Balikuddembe is behind CP's Ms. Josephine Lukyamuzi. DP Treasurer Sarah Sebaggala has fallen to Renegade MP Michael Mabikke in Makindye East.

In Mukono, DP candidates Dr. Bayigga Lulume, Engineer Kateregga and Josephine Nambooze are ahead in their races.

Issa Kikungwe wins Kyaddondo South

Outgoing Kyaddondo South MP Issa Kikungwe claims his seat by a large margin.

DP surges in Masaka and the Southwest

DP claims early victories in Parliamentary Race:

John Kawanga: Masaka Municipality
Mathias Nsubuga: Bukoto South
John Kakooza: Kalungu East
Damiano Lubega: Kyotera

DP Claims First seat in Ssese since 1989

Tim Lwanga, the Minister for Ethics and Integrity in the Office of the President and Chairman of the Buganda Caucus in the outgoing Parliament falls to Muhammad Kabuusu in Kyamuswa County, Kalangala District. The last time DP held onto this seat was in 1980 when it was part of Masaka East. Independent Candidate Dr. Peter Muyanda Mutebi won in Bujumba.

DP Claims Kyotera

Former DP Organizing Secretary Damiano Lubega is the MP Elect for Kyotera County.

The City and Beyond Early Returns

Kampala District Rubaga Division, Rubaga South Wagabo Village 157 KB 142 YKM
Kawempe Division Lumbox, Makerere University 591 KB 215
YKM Dembe Polling Station 152 KB 90
YKM Nsooba Polling Station 617 KB 647 YKM
Sebina 365 KB 220 YKM
Nakawa Division Kiwalimu 238 KB 154 YKM
Mbuya 5 82 KB 154 YKM
Bukoto, Mbuya 99 KB 80 YKM
Ntugangamo District Ruhaama 237 KB 169 YKM
Kikoni 1 241 KB 359 YKM
Kikoni 2 253 KB 278 YKM
Kaberebere, Rukoni Sub County 116 KB 200 YKM
JINJA DISTRICT Municipality Iganga Road 2 165 KB 92 YKM
Gabula Road 1 278 KB 226 YKM
Gabula Road 2 175 KB 124 YKM
Aldina 5 168 KB 77 YKM Aldina 1 174 KB 90 YKM
IGANGA DISTRICT Iganga Town Moslem A 182 KB 150 YKM Moslem B 217KB 117 YKM Iganga High 86 KB 87 YKM
Kasokoso A 186 KB 112 YKM
Kasokoso B 320 KB 172 YKM
Hospital 82 KB 98 M7
Town Council Primary 181 KB 222 YKM
Soroti Municipality Maders Opeduru 421 KB 78 YKM
Moru Apetu 254 KB 72 YKM
Kisenyi B 240 KB 191
YKM Kisenyi C 216 KB 191 YKM
Kisenyi D 217 KB 221
YKM Kisenyi E 281 KB 315 YKM
Nyamutyobora 109 KB 146 YKM
Agip 209 KB 265 YKM
Lower Cell 429 KB 621 YKM
Upper Cell 219 KB 177 YKM
Lubiri 64 KB 160 YKM
Kirembe 157 KB 245 YKM
Wakiso District Entebbe Road Seguku 3 241 KB 147 YKM
Kasangati/Buyinza Zone 69 KB 258 YKM
Nkuma Primary 273 KB 283 YKM
Lyamutundwe 237 KB 203 YKM
Kakeeka 120 KB 291 YKM
YKM Kiyaga 290 KB 218 YKM
MASAKA Buliro 104KB 161 YKM Municipality
Katwe B 176 KB 77 YKM
Bata D 252 KB 120 YKM
Masaka Secondary 362 KB 50 YKM
Bata C 245 KB 112 YKM
Town Yard 328 KB 226 YKM
Cinema Cell 390 KB 113 YKM
Market Place 221 KB 113 YKM
Kirumba C 206 KB 133 YKM
Katwe A 152 KB 90 YKm
Pallisa District Karekenyem Kamwangazi (Budaka) 214 KB 155 YKM
Kabwangasi Primary School (Butebo) 116 KB 60 YKM
Mwizimara Primary School 142 KB 129 YKM
Gosoi 124 KB 152 YKM
Wakiso District Kigandazi Zone, Kiira Town Council 762 KB 377 YKM
Entebbe Municipality.
POLLING STATION Kiwafu Muslim P.S KB YKM 168 144 167 169 275 252 Kiwafu P.S KB YKM 162 134 146 158 135 121 213 112 201 133
Entebbe Comp. ss KB YKM 140 165 200 122 196 165 159 162 146 223
KIWAFU Modern Nursery KB YKM 211 236 174 196
Kitooro Community KB YKM 285 224 303 241
East Kololo: The reults forPresidential areas follows:
KB 264 votes
M7 267 votes
Bwanika 6 votes
Obote 5 votes
Sebana 3 votes
Invalid: 44 Votes

Early returns point to horse race between Besigye and Museveni

Early returns are back: Incumbent Museveni and FDC candidate Kizza Besigye are in a horse race for the presidential race. Besigye is ahead in the metro and southwest parts of Buganda. Museveni is ahead in the east and north of Buganda. In the east, an early picture points to a pattern of a strong pro-Besigye vote in Mbale, Iganga and Jinja with the incumbent following closely behind. Museveni is in a sweep of Western Uganda. Parliamentary returns are to follow in the next 3 hours.

Masaka voting ends peacefully

Former DP Legal Advisor John Kawanga and incumbent Masaka Municipality MP summed up voting in Masaka district as generally peaceful. Most voters cast their votes bright and early, and counting began in earnest at 1700 Hrs EST. Several voters with voters' cards but whose names were missing on the electoral register were not allowed to vote. The law limits polling to registered voters. Masaka is one of the most watched electoral districts in the country, with DP expected to improve its vote share and pick up a number of seats in its former stronghold.

Sebaana and wife cast votes on polling day

DP President Sebaana Kizito and his wife Christine cast their votes today at Kabalagala in their urban Makindye East constituency. In the central region, voting was mostly calm with a few incidents of election day malpractices being reported like attempts to vote more than once. In Eastern Uganda, DP regional Vice Chair Besweri Kezaala reported that many voters showed up at polling stations and could not find their names on the shrunken voters' register, whose numbers have raised a lot of eyebrows; From 8.4 million in 1996 to 10.2 million in 2001 and barely a blip increase to 10.4 million in 2006. In Pader, DP Secretary General Richard Ottoo reported late delivery of campaign materials. EC only sent on ballot box rather than 2 for polling stations in Pader. Vote counting will start at 1800 EST.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Sebaana closes campaign on optimistic note

Capping a 6 week campaign that took him to 60 out of Uganda's 69 districts, Sebaana Kizito returned to the suburbs of the capital city to wind down a grueling presidential campaign. In the last 3 days, he took his campaign bus to Wakiso, Entebbe, Kajjansi, the shores of Lake Victoria, and the city suburbs. Sebaana has campaigned strongly on both national security and economic issues making the argument that of all the candidates in the race, he has the best credentials and management skills needed to heal the wounds of a divisive political system that has been in place for the last 20 years. He has succeeded in rejuvenating the Democratic Party countrywide, where folks have attended their first DP rallies in the past 20 years. Women have responded strongly to Sebaana's message. DP's parliamentary contingent is expected to include several first timers like Agnes Mayanja from Masaka, Susan Nabuuma from Mityana, Rebecca Birungi from Wakiso joining veterans like Rainer Kafire, party VP from Kibuku. The median age of DP candidates is 29.2 years, the youngest average age of a parliamentary party slate. The youth like Charles Kiwanuka in Kyaddondo East, Busiro South MP Mutebi Balikuddembe, are expected to easily win their seats. Several competitive seats remain across the board. DP SG Richard Ottoo is in the race of his life in Agago, Pader, just like former MP David Babi Kamusaala fighting tooth and nail to reclaim his Jinja East seat. DP Publicity Secretaries Betty Nambooze (Mukono North), Fred Mwesigwa (Luuka-Iganga) are in what will be some of the most watched races Thursday night. Results are expected by Saturday February 25, 2006.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Sebaana campaign trip enters Northern Uganda

Having overcome a mishap on the road in Bukomansimbi, DP President Sebaana Kizito crossed into Acholi to wrap up a critical swing electoral area. DP officials, Zachary Olum, Richard Ebil Ottoo, Norbert Mao are hitching their wagons in Kitgum, Pader, and Gulu for DP's final push.

Monday, February 13, 2006

DP Woman wins Masaka Seat Unopposed

Masaka MP Sauda Namaggwa Mugerwa has been disqualified as candidate for MP. Masaka Woman DP Candidate Agnes Mayanja wins seat unopposed.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Sebaana enters final stretch

Ugandans go to the polls Feb 23, 2006. Sebaana continues to barnstorm the swingest electoral areas. This week, his campaign took him from Manafwa, Sironko, Tororo through Kamuli, and Jinja before ending in Luweero. On Sunday 12/02, he took off for a 5-day long tour of West Nile that will wind up in Kitgum and Pader districts. His final campaigns will be in the central region.

Giving several interviews before the final phase of the campaign, he identified two main issues that have dominated the campaign trail. First is the collapsing state of most public infrastructure, second the acute poverty in the countryside. Last week, he also gave a full court press interview on the war in northern Uganda and what additional measures DP would take once in power to bring the war to a quick end.

Sebaana in the campaign has largely distinguished himself as the candidate of the issues. Energy and food security are now big issues in Uganda after the collapse in Uganda's electricity generation capacity while food security will be a big issue in the aftermath of an intensifying drought caused by failure of the traditional spring rains. The failing rains are attributed to the incumbent's policy of cutting down trees to make way for factories without regard to the critical role that forest cover plays in rain formation.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

DP President campaigns in Tororo, Kamuli

After the incumbent scuttled Sebaana Kizito's scheduled tour of West Nile last week in contravention of EC guidelines, DP took its message to the districts of Tororo and Kamuli this week. The DP campaign will return to West Nile at the end of this week. In other news, the Commission of Inquiry into mismanagement of KCC exonerated Sebaana Kizito from any impropriety in the allocation of land in the city. On Monday Sebaana Kizito launched DP's e-effort to tally election results nationwide on Feb 23, 2006.

Monday, January 30, 2006

DP Boss issues come home to roost ahead of poll

Inspite of an attempt to muffle coverage of DP President Sebaana Kizito's campaign, some of the issues he has hit head on during the campaign are coming home to roost. On DP's poverty to prosperity theme, new evidence is emerging that Uganda's social and economic infrastructure can barely support Uganda's growing population. At a low key function in Mpigi district 40 miles from the capital, Education Minister Geraldine Bitamazire acknowledged that UPE was becoming a joke due to poor facilitation for the majority of pupils that has contributed to poor performance among UPE students across the country. Sebaana has described UPE as a freight train traveling on collapsing rail tracks, "bonna bakone". Early in the campaign Sebaana hit at the lack of strategic management in the energy sector. This week, the government admitted that years of bad decisions in electricity generation that focused on over-damming the source of the Nile have left Uganda vulnerable after falling levels of Lake Victoria have led to shutdown of one of the 2 dams in Jinja. Uganda's installed capacity is 190Mw less than 25% of total electricity demand. In Kampala, the National Water Sewerage Corporation announced that it needs $4 million to re-align its pumping equipment at Port Bell. On poverty, Uganda's poverty levels are rising. Hospitals can barely offer basic medical services to routine patients. Entebbe Hospital and Mulago Hospital have already published their woes in the national media.

Ballot boxes, ballots arrive for Feb 23 poll

The Electoral Commission has began announcing polling stations for the Feb 23 poll but failed so far to publish the voters' register to candidates and candidates' agents. Over the weekend, the ballot materials arrived. Unconfirmed reports had a senior muslim cleric being arrested with a cache of unauthorized cargo at Entebbe International Airport. This cargo consisted allegedly of ticked ballot papers. No further information was made available by customs officials working with Uganda Revenue Authority.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Military Might dominates NRM 20th Anniversary

The UPDF rolled out its hardware for the public ahead of the Feb 23 elections. This event marks a significantly hawkish tone by the incumbent before the elections. The President after coming face to face with significant sections of opposition on the campaign trail has retaliated using the fear factor to control his vote slippage. At the same time, it is not clear whether all is well inside the UPDF. The Sunday Monitor 1.29 reported that soldiers were protesting non-payment of salary arrears. The pre-election mantra that soldiers would remain independent of politics is wearing thin. Defense PS Noble Mayombo 41, has been accused of running errands for the ruling NRMO. Brig. Kasirye Gwanga 62, has been appearing publicly on behalf of NRMO candidates in Buganda. At the same time, UPDF appears to have suffered some casualties recently in the north. Lt. Col.Magezi a long standing UPDF officer and CDR of the 505th Brigade in Northern Uganda died from gunshot wounds suffered during an LRA attack.

Weekly Observer publishes list of Parliamentary Candidates

Here is the DP list:

DP Buganda candidates
1. Christine Namuleme (Mubende)
2. Maureen Nakato (Kiboga)
3. Noelina Kulazikulabe (Kalangala)
4. Ikiria Christine (Kampala)
5. Andrew Kulazikulabe (Bujumba)
6. Erias Lukwago (Kampala Central)
7. Latif Sebaggala (Kawempe North)
8. Sebuliba Mutumba (Kawempe South)
9. Sarah Kanyike (Makindye East)
10. Mukasa Mbide (Makindye West)
11. Bagunywa Nkalubo (Rubaga North)
12. Joseph Balikuddembe (Rubaga South)
13. Kenneth Kakande (Nakawa)
14. Joshua Mayanja (Kiboga East)
15. Stephen Luutu (Katikamu North)
16. Deo Sekitoleko (Katikamu South)
17. William Kizza (Bamunanika)
18. Tomusange Kayinja (Bukomansimbi)
19. Ssewangana Henry (Bukoto Mid-West)
20. Joseph Kagolo (Bukoto West)
21. Ssenfuma Mubiru (Bukoto East)
22. Mathius Nsubuga (Bukoto South)
23. Jude Mbabali (Bukoto Central)
24. J. B. Kakooza (Kalungu West)
25. J. B. Kawanga (Masaka Municipality)
26. Moses Kasibante (Butambala)
27. David Mayinja (Mawokota North)
28. Charles Kasozi (Mawokota South)
29. Joseph Semwanga (Kassanda North)
30. Musoke Gonzaga (Buikwe North)
31. Richard Bogere (Buikwe West)
32. Bayigga Lulume (Buikwe South)
33. Nambooze Betty (Mukono North)
34. Derick Mutema (Mukono South)
35. David Kateregga (Nakifuma)
36. Ssemanda Mugenyi (Kabula)
37. Godfrey Kaggwa (Kakuuto)
38. Damiano Lubega (Kyotera)
39. Abdu Mukasa (Mawogola)
40. Alia Nabayego (Ntenjeru North)
41. James Kakooza (Ntenjeru South)
42. Samuel Lubega (Busiro East)
43. Bukenya Hussein (Busiro North)
44. Joseph Mutebi (Busiro South)
45. Kiwanuka Charles (Kyadondo East)
46. Kikungwe Issa (Kyadondo South)
47. Kawuma Muhamed (Entebbe Municipality)
48. Joseph Nsereko (Busujju)
49. Stephen Kibuuka (Mityana North)
50. Joe Senteza (Nakaseke)
51. Agnes Mayanja (Masaka)
52. Harriet Nalubega (Mpigi)
53. Irene Nakiganda (Sembabule)
54. Rebecca Birungi (Wakiso)
55. Susan Nabuuma (Mityana)

DP Northern Uganda candidates
1. Grace Ogwang (Lira)
2. Alima Santo (Vurra)
3. Zachary Olum (Nwoya)
4. Lyander Komakech (Gulu Municipality)
5. Edema Boniface (West Moyo)
6. Donge Opar (Jonam)
7. Ebil Ottoo (Agago)

DP Western Uganda candidates
1. Misairi Mukwenda (Ntoroko)
2. Barnabas Rushango (Bufumbira North)
3. Damian Mutahigwa (Kitagwenda)
4. Shaffic Ssimbwa (Bukanga)
5. Alex Jordan Mukuye (Isingiro North)

DP Eastern Uganda candidates
1. Rachael Kagoya (Bugiri)
2. Monica Logose (Pallisa)
3. Fred Mwesigwa (Luuka)
4. Michael Waiswa (Butembe)
5. David Kamusaal (Jinja Municipality East)
6. James Lyagoba (Buzaaya)
7. Jonathan Mokata (Budaka)
8. Rainer Kafire (Kibuku)
9. Charles Okwi (Soroti Municipality)
10. Deogratius Pade (Samia Bugwe North)
11. Abdallah Kasakya (Bunya South)

Saturday, January 28, 2006

DP Bash hits London Saturday

DP members in London will have an evening of drinks, dance and egumire songs at 593 Barking Road, East Ham, East London. The fundraiser entry fee is GBP 10,00. It starts at 4 p.m. till late.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

DP Fundraisers kick off in style

The DP USA Branch in Boston will host a fundraising dance at Club Rendesvous at Club Rendesvous on February 4, 2006. The address is 569 Moody Street, Waltham. Entrance fee is US $20.00. Other fundraiser locations and times will be announced for London, Washington, New York, Houston, Los Angeles, and Canada.

DP USA Boss for California Debate

The Ugandan Community in California (UCOC) is hosting a debate on the theme, Political Pluralism-whose package should Ugandans embrace? on January 28, 2005 at St. Marks Episcopal Church (HALL) located at 14646 Sherman Way, Van Nuys, CA 91405 at 2:00 p.m. Leaders of DP, FDC and NRM go head to head on why their political agenda is the best way forward for Uganda. DP USA Chair, Lawrence Kiwanuka, FDC Envoy Anne Mugisha Bwomezi and NRM Chair Edriss Kironde will square off on that day.

Sebaana optimistic about final vote numbers in Western Uganda

Winding up a tour of western Uganda that took him deep into the countryside visiting areas never before visited by presidential candidates, DP President Sebaana Kizito upped his voter forecast from 15% to up to 40% in the west in the Feb 23, polls. DP's modest policy goals have resonated well with the general population along with a clear message that Museveni's time is up. This supports independent tracking data that has NRM and DP separated by about 4-6 percentage points.

Election alert, Electoral Commission holding back Voter's Register

Four weeks before the election, the Uganda Electoral Commission has still failed to release the 2006 electoral register. The Electoral Commission has also failed to publish the full list of polling stations that would accompany the register. In 2001, the rise in number of voters lagged the general population edging to 10.4 million from 8.4 million while the population rose from 16.6 million to nearly 22 million. Candidates have to appoint polling agents and train them to cover more than 18,000 polling stations nationwide, in itself a logistical nightmare.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Campaign Numbers, DP surges ahead

Internal polling numbers are showing a jump in DP's support at the expense of the other political parties especially after DP's successful tour of Western Uganda where FDC appears to have abandoned some areas completely after the nominations debacle where their candidates stood down for NRMO candidates. NRMO has a slight lead on 41%, DP is on 37%, FDC is on 15% and UPC is on 7%. DP is on the path to recovery in Kampala district where party wrangles threatened to tear the party into the middle. DP candidates have a projected total vote share of 46-48% nearly enough to lift the majority of the parliamentary and local government races. NRM is on 5% after Museveni's very tough campaign in the city. In parts of the country where DP candidates are not on the ballot, independent candidates are promising to caucus with DP members in Parliament should they emerge victorious. Sebaana Kizito has withered personal attacks or remained mostly immune to them forging ahead without the distraction of getting into nasty tirades with Museveni.

Campaign diary:

Sunday 1/25: Buhweju & Ibanda

Monday 1/26: Mbarara

Tuesday 1/27: Mpigi & Butambala

Wednesday: 1/28: Masaka

DP shifts campaign to the battlegrounds

John Sebaana Kizito completed campaigns in Western Uganda this week. He was very well received in the Rwenzori region, ascending Mountain Rwenzori addressing rallies in Bundibugyo (pictured), Kasese, Bushenyi, Kabale, Rukungiri, Kanungu and Kisoro. In some areas, he was the first presidential candidate ever to penetrate that far including the Ishasha sector and Busanga, which border with the DRC. Sebaana's message has focused on moving the country from poverty to prosperity and need to change from the muscle bound approach towards resolving political disputes in Uganda. In Kasese and Kamwenge, he bemoaned the collapse of the western leg of the Uganda Railway as a result of which lots of agricultural produce goes to waste. In Kyenjojo, he received the FDC Chairman back to DP.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

DP Candidates get nominated throughout the country

DP candidates were nominated to run for Parliament in different parts of the country last week. These are a few of DP candidates running for office:

Christine Kaija, Kampala Woman MP
John Baptist Kakooza, Kalungu East
George Serunjogi, Kalungu West
John Kawanga, Masaka Municipality
Henry Sewanyana, Bukoto Mid-West (Lwengo)
Jude Mbabaali, Bukoto Central
Matia Bireke Nsubuga, Bukoto South
John Senfuma, Bukoto East
Fred Kabuusu, Kyamuswa
Noeline Namugenyi, Kalangala, Woman MP
Damiano Lubega, Kyotera
Dr. Henry Lumala, Mawokota South
Sarah Kanyike Sebaggala, Makindye East
Joseph Balikuddembe, Lubaga South
Florence Bagunywa Nkalubo, Lubaga North
Bireke Nambooze, Mukono North
Derrick Mutema, Mukono South
Absolom Bwanika Bbaale, Katikamu North
Erastus Kibirango, Bamunaanika
Mutebi Joseph Balikuddembe, Busiro South
Issa Kikungwe, Kyaddondo South
Fred Mwesigwa, Luuka
David Babi Kamusaala, Jinja Municipality East
Leander Komakec Jr, Gulu Municipality
Latif Sebaggala, Kawempe North
Sebuliba Mutumba, Kawempe South
Elias Lukwago, Kampala Central
Rainer Kafire Juliet, Kibuku
Zachary Olum, Nwoya
Richard Ottoo, Agago
Dr Okullo Anthony, Lamwo
Joe Senteza, Nakaseke

More to follow:

DP Campaign chair winds up working visit to New York

DP Campaign Chairman Norbert Mao, the outgoing Gulu Municipality MP winds up a visit to the US this week. During his stay in New York and Washington D.C. he met with party officials and ordinary party members to discuss strategy ahead of the February 23, 2006 election. He also attended a memorial service for the late Dr. E.Katongole, Uganda's first Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Information, Tourism and Broadcasting who died two weeks ago in Westchester County, New York.

Sebaana on opportunities created by freedom

Candidate Sebaana Kizito has taken a swipe at the stridently militarist tone taken by the President in the past one week of the campaigns. Sebaana Kizito while addressing rallies in Kasese and Fort Portal over the weekend told voters that the struggle for freedom can be accomplished without firearms and bloodletting responsible for most of Uganda's problems today. In Kasese, he promised to reopen the issue of the Obusinga, the traditional institution revered by the Bakhonzo whose return has been blocked by outgoing National Political Commissar, Crispus Kiyonga.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Poverty dominates Candidate Sebaana Kizito's western leg

DP candidate Sebaana Kizito has completed rallies in Kibaale, Bundibugyo and Kyenjojo. He crowns the mid-western tour in Kabarole. Hammering on the issue of poverty, he has pointed it is a lack of political will that has left a huge swathe of a very productive reason, Singo and the Mid-west wallowing in poverty. Agriculturally rich Bunyoro has stayed behind because no effort has been targeted at developing local industrial capacity or even export capacity for its produce inspite of its proximity to the DRC.

Monday, January 09, 2006

DP Campaign Heads West

In the next week ending January 14, 2006. DP's campaign heads down to Western Uganda, hitting Uganda's breadbasket, before making a gateway entrance back in Masaka on January 15, 2006.

DP's last 3 rallies in Mbale, Mityana (pictured left) and a short day trip to Luweero have highlighted the incumbent's endless use of rhetoric to shy away from dealing with mismanagement of the economy. Sebaana Kizito has also articulated the connection between poverty and the endless wars prosecuted by the incumbent.

DP candidates have harnessed the president's visits all over the country. They are youthful and full of vigor. Susan Nabuuma is the 5th DP candidate who will fight for a straight Parliamentary seat in Kassanda. Joseph Serwanga will go head on in Mityana South represented by Nshimye Sebutulo.

DP women to-date: Rainer Kafire (Kibuku), Florence Bagunywa Nkalubo (Lubaga North), Betty Nambooze (Mukono North), Sarah Kanyike Sebaggala (Makindye East), Susan Sebuuma (Kassanda South).

Saturday, January 07, 2006

DP Issues score highly in voters minds

Sebaana Kizito campaign in Eastern Uganda ended on a high note with a mammoth rally in Mbale District. This momentum has swept into the Mid-west. DP's rally at Mityana was one of its biggest ever rivalling the Gulu rally.

Voters are tuning in to the little discussed issue of unemployment, under-employment and its connection to poverty. Uganda's economic story has been told in terms of statistical tables rather than improvements in quality of life. Along the trail, Sebaana has highlighted DP's commitment to focusing on increasing the level of employment in the economy; and reducing costs for doing business.

For Farmers: the Agricultural-Industrial Bank will be set up to help cooperatives organize farmers, through provision of credit, promote collective bargaining and distribution of farm inputs. Small scale businessmen will access credit to enter into food processing and value adding activities for urban markets in Uganda.

Foreign Investors: Sebaana has proposed parity, equal and fair treatment of both foreign and domestic investors. Investors will have to show they cannot find qualified manpower in Uganda before importing skilled and semi-skilled workers. Domestic investors will receive tax credits for hiring and maintaining 5 new workers on payroll for one year.

Ending the war: DP's manifesto has articulated carefully that ending the war will free up the Ministry of Defense's allocation to civil projects including reconstruction of the north, introducing employable skills in the armed forces, and directing some of its expenditure to the most economically ravaged areas. This is the DP peace dividend.

Promoting reconciliation: DP has committed to promoting genuine national reconciliation to secure the peace dividend. Uganda's confrontational politics has partly led to the institutionalization of patronage that buys expedience over competence and what is good for the country.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Sebaana hits at privatization of strategic sectors & unemployment

DP President Sebaana's campaign hit the road to the East this week. Highlights of his rallies included mammoth crowds in Jinja, Iganga and Mbale; The rally in Mbale is pictured left. He promised to reverse the privatization of strategic sectors in the economy including energy where UEB was sold to another state owned enterprise Umeme. He hit very hard on jobs and unemployment which are symbols of an economy that has lost traction. Sebaana also clarified that there is no formal alliance between FDC and DP informing DP supporters that DP is the most credible political party to lead Uganda.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Developments in Besigye Trial

Winnie Byanyima and Jack Sabiiti made statements in Kampala on the alleged bribing of Judges Kikonyogo and Kasule this week. Ms. Kyakuwa, Col. Besigye's accuser will most likely wind down her testimony this week. Key revelations include her being accomodated by State House in Entebbe for the past five years under the protection of the Presidential Guard Brigade. Ms. Kyakuwa also had a child subsequent to the rape case with a one Nick Wavamunno. This is not the first State House intervention in a rape case. In 1998, Candida Lakony alleged to have been the woman in a picture being raped and forcefully shaved in her pubic area. That allegation led to the near closure of the Monitor newspapers. Candida Lakony inspite of promised State protection was imprisoned and died shortly after. Former MP Winnie Byanyima was instrumental in taking her to State House for "safe protection".

Campaign Diary

Iganga: 03/01/2006

Bugiri & Mayuge: 04/01/2006

Mbale: 05/01/2006

Kiboga & Bukomero: 06/01/2006

Mubende & Mityana: 07/01/2006

Hoima and Kibaale: 08/01/2006

Masindi: 09/01/2006

President Museveni leaves Kampala dispirited but not broken

As questions about his 20 year rule continue to mount, the president struck a conciliatory tone in his New Year address. Museveni joined DP candidate Sebaana Kizito in highlighting the need to urgently end the war in the north. It also appears that Museveni has given a greenlight to his government to enter into negotiations with the DRC about the damaging ruling by the International Court of Justice pinning Uganda for illegally invading the DRC and committing war crimes. Museveni's campaign in Kampala was a tough one that fell apart after DP PresidentSebaana Kizito pinned him for attacking KCC's administrative failures yet he had singly set out to frustrate KCC's revenue collection efforts. In a surprise rapid fire response, Sebaana Kizito chided Museveni for having a short memory having signed the Property Rating Act in April 2005 only to turn around to "repeal" collection of property taxes. Another opposition party FDC finished the icing on the cake by pointing out the the Central government gave KCC only Shs 23.5 billion a year in appropriations ($10.5 million) while State House consumed Shs 85 billion a year. Museveni has moved shop to Kabale. The end of year economic news was also mixed. Inflation rose at its highest level in three years while annual exports only fetched US$ 1 billion about the same dollar level as 1991 casting further doubt on the Museveni economic machine peddled by donors who have pumped in more than $5 billion in the economy since 1986.

Kizza Besigye released, trial begins in High Court

Judge John Bosco Katutsi, a veteran trial judge at the High Court released Col. Rtd Kizza Besigye Monday in Kampala. Judge Katutsi simultaneously began hearing the criminal case, Uganda v. Kizza Besigye. Besigye's release was met by euphoric crowds in the city of Kampala. Kizza Besigye's accuser Joanita Kyakuwa 28, pictured began her sometimes graphic, sometimes halting testimony in the High Court. Col. Kiiza Besigye has denied both rape and treason charges. Case is adjourned to Tuesday 03/01/2006.

DP Candidates Round-Up

DP women candidates continue to sew up DP nominations for directly elected seats around the country. Mengo Minister Florence Bagunywa Nkalubo and DP Treasurer General Sarah Sebaggala Kanyike will run in Lubaga North and Makindye East. Broadcaster Nambooze Betty (Pictured left) is up in Mukono North. More candidate news to follow. DP VP Reiner Kafire will defend her Kibuku County Seat while Africa Democratic Union Parliamentarians Chair Winnie Makumbi is campaigning in Mengo Municipality.

Sebaana campaigns in Teso, starts Eastern Leg Wednesday

John Sebaana Kizito wound up the first leg of his campaign on New Year's Day returning to Namirembe for Church Services on Jan 01, 2006. The northern tour included visits to IDP camps where Sebaana promised to disband them, and end the war in northern Uganda. Sebaana's cue appears to have been taken on by Museveni who committed to doing the same in his New Year Message. State owned Bukedde in a survey of 40 voters in the Northern districts gave a three way result; Kiiza Besigye on 13, Sebaana Kizito on 13, Miria Obote on 9, and Museveni on 3, and Uncommitted 2. Sebaana kicks off the battle for the mother of battlegrounds Busoga campaigning on unemployment, poverty and DP's pro-growth, pro-industrialization agenda.