Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Developments in Besigye Trial

Winnie Byanyima and Jack Sabiiti made statements in Kampala on the alleged bribing of Judges Kikonyogo and Kasule this week. Ms. Kyakuwa, Col. Besigye's accuser will most likely wind down her testimony this week. Key revelations include her being accomodated by State House in Entebbe for the past five years under the protection of the Presidential Guard Brigade. Ms. Kyakuwa also had a child subsequent to the rape case with a one Nick Wavamunno. This is not the first State House intervention in a rape case. In 1998, Candida Lakony alleged to have been the woman in a picture being raped and forcefully shaved in her pubic area. That allegation led to the near closure of the Monitor newspapers. Candida Lakony inspite of promised State protection was imprisoned and died shortly after. Former MP Winnie Byanyima was instrumental in taking her to State House for "safe protection".

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