Monday, January 30, 2006

DP Boss issues come home to roost ahead of poll

Inspite of an attempt to muffle coverage of DP President Sebaana Kizito's campaign, some of the issues he has hit head on during the campaign are coming home to roost. On DP's poverty to prosperity theme, new evidence is emerging that Uganda's social and economic infrastructure can barely support Uganda's growing population. At a low key function in Mpigi district 40 miles from the capital, Education Minister Geraldine Bitamazire acknowledged that UPE was becoming a joke due to poor facilitation for the majority of pupils that has contributed to poor performance among UPE students across the country. Sebaana has described UPE as a freight train traveling on collapsing rail tracks, "bonna bakone". Early in the campaign Sebaana hit at the lack of strategic management in the energy sector. This week, the government admitted that years of bad decisions in electricity generation that focused on over-damming the source of the Nile have left Uganda vulnerable after falling levels of Lake Victoria have led to shutdown of one of the 2 dams in Jinja. Uganda's installed capacity is 190Mw less than 25% of total electricity demand. In Kampala, the National Water Sewerage Corporation announced that it needs $4 million to re-align its pumping equipment at Port Bell. On poverty, Uganda's poverty levels are rising. Hospitals can barely offer basic medical services to routine patients. Entebbe Hospital and Mulago Hospital have already published their woes in the national media.

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