Sunday, January 22, 2006

Campaign Numbers, DP surges ahead

Internal polling numbers are showing a jump in DP's support at the expense of the other political parties especially after DP's successful tour of Western Uganda where FDC appears to have abandoned some areas completely after the nominations debacle where their candidates stood down for NRMO candidates. NRMO has a slight lead on 41%, DP is on 37%, FDC is on 15% and UPC is on 7%. DP is on the path to recovery in Kampala district where party wrangles threatened to tear the party into the middle. DP candidates have a projected total vote share of 46-48% nearly enough to lift the majority of the parliamentary and local government races. NRM is on 5% after Museveni's very tough campaign in the city. In parts of the country where DP candidates are not on the ballot, independent candidates are promising to caucus with DP members in Parliament should they emerge victorious. Sebaana Kizito has withered personal attacks or remained mostly immune to them forging ahead without the distraction of getting into nasty tirades with Museveni.

Campaign diary:

Sunday 1/25: Buhweju & Ibanda

Monday 1/26: Mbarara

Tuesday 1/27: Mpigi & Butambala

Wednesday: 1/28: Masaka

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