Tuesday, December 21, 2010


DEMOCRATIC Party president Norbert Mao has urged Masaka municipality voters to elect the party vice president John Kawanga in the coming Parliamentary elections. In a message read by Matia Mujuzi at the launch of Kawanga’s campaigns at the Children’s Park on Sunday, Mao said Kawanga was among the most trustworthy members of parliament. “Some people went to parliament as businessmen and this was proved at the time when they accepted a sh5m bribe to remove presidential term limits,” Mao stated. He added that since Kawanga studied with President Yoweri Museveni and was his friend he would have taken any position in President Museveni’s government. “I believe Kawanga would be the vice-president if he wanted to become one, but since his ambition is to see a democratic and peaceful Uganda, he declined to join the NRM party,” Mao added. Kawanga wondered why some people had launched a campaign to tarnish his name. “Whenever they pick up microphones they concentrate on abusing Kawanga. They have failed to tell what they would do for you while in parliament, instead they are talking about my age,” Kawanga said. “Despite being true Catholics, some of my critics need to be reminded that the Ten Commandments prohibit adultery, stealing and telling lies among others,” Kawanga added. Kawanga is facing former Buganda youth minister Mathias Mpuuga, Sande Mutesasira, Suzan Nakawuki and Francis Xavier Kizza Mujoobe for the Masaka Municipality parliamentary seat.

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