Monday, December 13, 2010


Democratic Party presidential candidate Norbert Mao has unveiled a new campaign strategy for Buganda region, saying the party has to keep the region as its stronghold.Unlike in other regions where Mr Mao has campaigned with a handful of party officials, he said his campaigns in Buganda would be carried out jointly with other party flag-bearers for various posts. “When I start campaigns here (Buganda) I would wish to see all DP candidates at all levels. We shall move village to village together,” he said. “It is true we have garnered more support in other regions but since Buganda is our stronghold we have to consolidate our support here.”
Mr Mao made the remarks last Friday in Kampala while meeting party members from Buganda region. He is the first DP leader from a region outside Buganda. He said his campaign task force in Buganda was in the process of printing joint posters with his picture and those of other party flag-bearers at parliamentary and local council levels. “By doing this we hope to save more money on printing posters and use it for other party activities,” he said, adding “We also hope to launch an aggressive media campaign very soon.”
Mr Mao, however, said he party still needed more money from well-wishers to smoothly carry out campaigns. He said he spends at least Shs5million on the campaign trail daily and some Shs300 million will be required on the polling day alone.
Mr Mao , who is making his first shot at presidency, has so far canvassed votes in five sub regions of Busoga, Lango, Karamoja and Bunyoro. According to his campaign programme, Mr Mao is expected to start campaigns in Buganda on January 6 with his first rally in Lwengo District. He castigated some party members whom he said were disrespectful of his leadership and posing as if they own the party. “No one should pose as an historical in DP. We are all equal and we must follow the law,” he said.

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