Tuesday, January 30, 2007

DP rallies disbanded in Mukono

Over the weekend state security engaged in running battles with members of the Democratic Party in Mukono district, about 11 miles east of the capital Kampala city. In the last few weeks, the High Court and Court of Appeal have ruled that 2 Mps narrowly elected on the ruling NRMO ticket Rev Bakaluba Mukasa, a former broadcaster on state radio and Anthony Kanyike from Buikwe South were rigged into office. DP Publicity Secretary Betty Bakireke Nambooze and DP Ag Secretary General Lulume Bayigga stand in line to go to Parliament should they prevail in the imminent by elections. The increased violent turn of crowd management by state police follows another disturbing pattern of government ignoring court decisions: In other news Regina Nampewo Kiwanuka daughter of former DP president Ben Kiwanuka has expressed interest in running for the Bukomansimbi county seat now ruled vacant after the unseating of another NRMO MP Idris Lubyayi Kisiki who has since defected to the Democratic Party. Ms. Nampewo Kiwanuka will be one of 4 candidates participating in DP primaries later this year:

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