Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Press statement

Elections violence

24th August 2010.
The Democratic Party expresses its concern again about the level of violence in the NRM primaries. The party raises its green flag and calls for peace and calm in the Country as political Parties choose their flag bearers.

The major culprits are, the usual suspects, the NRM big wigs who include Dr. Otala also Minister of Health,Lwemiyaga’s Hon. Theodera Sekikubo and Hon. Sam Kutesa to mention but a few. The usual victims are the innocent Ugandans who suffer at the hands of the big elephants as they struggle to domineer.

The Party is disturbed that these fights are not fist fights but lethal weapon including guns are employed, placing the lives of many Ugandans in danger as the bulls settle their scores. Police established by law to keep law and order is helpless and has been over powered resorting to civil litigation in courts against NRM stalwarts which cases have led to nowhere.

The Democratic Party is concerned that if this is the level of violence in the Movement Primaries, what will happen in the 2011 when the Movement tussles it out with other Parties. The army should be called in to assist our policemen who have failed to handle the security situation.

The Democratic Party condemns this violence in the strongest terms possible. The breakdown of civility and humility in the NRM Party should be stopped forthwith. We call upon Government not to look the other side but act as the law provides.

Education should be a priority
The NRM Government has again manifested its lack of prioritizing our education. Today is the second day for the sit down strike of Makerere University staff. Unfortunately, this is the time when the University is opening for first semester. The strike has definitely affected lectures at the University.

Although the Government is engaging the Makerere staff, this is too little, too late. They had all the time to settle this matter before the beginning of the semester without interrupting studies of the children of this Nation.
The Democratic Party calls upon the Government to settle the pension issue once and for all to avoid recurrence of such incidents.
Kakande Kenneth Paul

Deputy National Publicity Secretary
(Democratic Party) 0772522738

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