Tuesday, December 18, 2007

DP fields candidate in Samia Bugwe North

DP has fielded a candidate in Samia Bugwe North Constituency bye-election, Mr. Osenda Godffrey Syalo, 31yrs, a Graduate Teacher of MUK, Econ/History. He is the DP District Youth Leader and the District Youth Councillor Busia District Council.He is steadfast, committed and articulate on DP issues.Mr. Osenda is also the Deputy National Organizing Secretary of UYD under the leadership of Mr. Paul Kakande. He has established UYD - Clubs in schools and Colleges in Busia and Mbale districts, where he teaches. As the DP District Youth Leader, he has organized youth elections in Busia District and handed over leadership of UYD to a younger team. UYD is the youth wing of DP in Busia District and the Youth wing of the Party is UYD. All DP youth in the District are solidly united. He is tussling it out for DP,against NRM's Mrs. Mugeni (the ousted MP's wife); FDC's Kevina Wandera, former District cllr and former District Woman MP candidate-2006; Independant John Mulimba, a District Cllr and Independent Bwire Nathern an Asst Commissioner Min. of Gender.

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