Sunday, September 26, 2010


The Democratic Party has recalled Nasser Sebaggala’s life membership card saying he betrayed the party’s cause by forming another political party and is now cooperating with the NRM party.
Mr Sebaggala is the President of the Liberal Democratic Transparency (LDT) party, a breakaway faction of the DP but has of late forged an alliance with the ruling NRM party and swore to support President Museveni in the forth-coming elections.
The DP Secretary General, Mr Mathias Nsubuga, made the announcement on Friday at a press briefing in Kampala as he received over 30 of Mr Sebaggala’s supporters who have crossed back to DP.
“As DP we have withdrawn the life membership card which we gave him when he was joining the party. He has been holding it but we have written to him and we want him to return it immediately,” Mr Nsubuga said. He said President Museveni is fond of bribing weak opposition members like Mr Sebaggala who cannot stand their ground.
“We as DP do not miss Sebaggala at all and we shall fight him the way we are fighting the NRM party. As a member of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC), we have found out that a lot of money has been squandered by the government. Bank of Uganda has become a basket for Museveni to pull out money and give it out,” Mr Nsubuga who is also the MP for Bukoto South said.He said President Museveni had given Mr Sebaggala a Kampala City Council property belonging to the government to woo him into joining the NRM.
Mr Mulyanyama Nganda Kasirye who was Mr Sebaggala’s chief mobiliser said they cannot continue serving a leader who is unprincipled. “I have been mobilising people under the LDT party but I am back to my family which is DP. Sebaggala has now crossed over to the NRM party and betrayed the key principles within which we supported him. He vowed to fight poverty among the masses and support the Buganda government’s aspirations but he has not fulfilled any of them,” Mr Kasirye said.
“He is joining a party that closed Buganda’s Central Broadcasting Services and one that blocked the Kabaka from visiting his subjects in Kayunga District,” he added. “I wish to welcome all our people back and other members who don’t feel comfortable where they are to come home and join a party that stands for truth and justice.”Mr Sebaggala could not be reached for a comment as his official mobile phone was switched off.

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