Friday, September 24, 2010


Democratic Party leader Norbert Mao yesterday picked nomination forms for next year’s presidential elections as he announced a Shs9b campaign budget.
Mr Mao, who was accompanied by party officials Vincent Mayanja and Kenneth Kakande, picked the forms at around 9am. He joins a growing list of 40 other candidates who have picked forms but are expected to pay a commitment fee of Shs8m upon returning them. “Picking the forms is another step in the historic journey to take DP to power so that Uganda has a government founded on principles of truth and justice,” Mr Mao said.
Shs9b war chestAddressing journalists at Christ the King Hall in Kampala minutes after picking the forms, Mr mao announced he would spend Shs9b on his campaigns. “We hope to raise more money than that. The money is meant for the presidential candidate’s campaigns,” he said, adding that resources were being sought internally and from party supporters in the Diaspora.
“We have negotiated a grant of Shs200m from the Deepening Democracy project who are helping us build party structures and strengthen leadership. We are also going to acquire a printing press from the USA to print posters for our candidates and a truck with a public address system as our mobile stage,” said Mr Mao. He said the manifesto will focus on job creation.
Mr Mao, who has just returned from a two-week tour of the US, said: “We went there to reassure the people there that change is possible. My job was to mobilise Ugandans not to lose interest in their country and we are working to restore democracy.” He said he also met members of the US Senate and Congress and asked them to prevail over the Electoral Commission to ensure free and fair elections.
“America cannot pretend not to be concerned about the partiality of our Electoral Commission. It is not a question of saying Museveni alone can work with them but any government can work with them to ensure stability,” he said. “The President is blackmailing Americans saying it is only him who can work with them,” he added.

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