Sunday, October 31, 2010


What does the DP candidate stand for?
He stands for truth and justice. He stands for a new leadership in a new beginning for the country. Uganda is a country that has gone through a lot of problems like wars, poverty, sectarianism, and oppressions. Mao represents a new hope in the new generation alongside reconciliation and building new bridges for a united Uganda. Our country needs a fresh start. Our health sector, education sector, infrastructure, and other state organisations are all in need of new breath from Mao
What are the key messages in DP’s manifesto?
We promise a government of zero-tolerance towards corruption to save the over sh500b (according to the World Bank report) which Uganda loses to corrupt government officials every year. We promise to save our now dilapidated hospitals. We shall make interventions to save the 16 Ugandan women who die every day while giving birth. We shall save the 800 children who due to preventable diseases die every year before the age of five. We shall do so by giving our doctors a living wage, fight corruption in the National Drug Authority and spread well-facilitated health centres across the country. A recent report indicated that a UPE Primary seven student cannot pass primary two exams. We shall, therefore, uplift our primary education by giving teachers a living wage and build more classrooms. Unlike the NRM government, we intend to heavily invest in the agriculture sector to turn Uganda into the food basket of the region. We have a plan for improve our infrastructure by building roads across the country. How do you expect DP to perform in the 2011 general elections? Aware that majority of Ugandans are young people and cognisant of the fact that the DP candidate is the best youthful candidate in the contest, we feel we shall be able to get not less than 50% in the presidential elections, which will enable us to enter the State House.
How do you expect DP to perform in the local and parliamentary elections?
Unlike in 2006 when we had few candidates, this time we have so far fielded 150 parliamentary candidates and more are still undergoing the screening exercise. We also have a very big number of candidates who will be contesting for the various local governments. We believe our performance will be good.
How did DP’s nomination and inaugural rally go?
There was a huge outpouring of emotions during Mao’s nomination as presidential candidate. The big numbers of people who turned up without our monetary investment is indicative of tha fact that Norbert Mao is the people’s choice of candidate. It was also exciting that we addressed our rally in an area inhabited by ordinary people because our mission is to fight for the welfare of downtrodden in our society.
How much money do you expect to spend on the campaigns and elections?
We shall win by using ideas, not money. That is why we don’t intend to use a lot of money. We have planned to spend between sh15b and sh20b. We are against the philosophy of monetisation of politics. Seventy per cent of our budget will go to materials, posters, adverts,and brochures. Twenty per cent to holding meetings and rallies while 10% will meet the administrative cots. We do not intend to bribe voters with money.

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