Wednesday, October 06, 2010


The Democratic Party presidential candidate, Mr Norbert Mao, has accused the NRM of a selective development agenda aimed at creating an aristocracy. Mr Mao, who addressed public rallies in Buyende and Kamuli districts on Monday, said the NRM government had subjected Busoga to poverty. “NRM game plan is to hold the greater north under insurgency and Busoga under poverty which it has done in overdose thus creating a political virus,” Mr Mao said.
Political bondage
Mr Mao said the NRM has held voters in Busoga and northern Uganda in a political bondage which they must free themselves from. Promising positive change, Mr Mao said: “DP is a party for the peasantry whose livelihood is dependent on land hence our symbol the hoe but a luxurious party like NRM goes for a bus that is inaccessible to a local man.” He said the DP will give a living wage and quality education that is relevant to the future if elected.
“DP is a peasants party so all those who have hoes at home and land should vote Mao and those of you with buses parked in your garages, go ahead to the bus but I know you are a minority,” he said, working up the crowd.
Mr Mao cautioned the Basoga against relying on traditional leaders, saying Mr Museveni only uses them for votes through divide and rule. He said the president wanted to pitch the Basoga against each other, arguing that this was the reason William Gabula Nadiope IV and Edward Columbus Wambuzi remained as fence Kyabazingas in Busoga for political vote-balancing.
Mr Mao said President Museveni was paying lip service to traditional leaders and was not committed to resolving the standoff in the Kyabazinga wrangle. “He is just confusing you to his political advantage but he will be ashamed,” he said.
Mr Mao said he trounced the late Brig. Noble Mayombo for the Makerere guild presidency, Col. Walter Ochora for Gulu LC5 seat, Ms Betty Bigombe for Gulu MP seat, adding that he is capable of defeating Mr Museveni in next year’s presidential elections.

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