Tuesday, February 15, 2011


By Andrew Ssenyonga

DEMOCRATIC Party (DP) presidential candidate Norbert Mao yesterday campaigned in Nakawa division where he told his supporters that he would uplift their living standards.

Mao, who addressed mini-rallies in Ntinda, Nakawa and Mbuya, said he would put in place health facilities, roads and projects to fight poverty.

“Some health facilities are in a poor state and need re-enforcement. The roads that are surrounding Kampala are also in a sorry state, something has to be done,” Mao stated.

Mao also promised to improve the education system.

“The standard of education in the country worries and if something is not done, our children might end up jobless.
“This is coupled with the rampant corruption in the education and the sub-standard graduates from the system,” he noted.

He added that most of the Government institutions were poorly funded.
Mao, who was accompanied by his wife Naome, told the people of Nakawa to embrace change.

At his rally at Acholi Quarters in Mbuya, Mao promised the residents permanent buildings once he is voted into power.

“You are not here because of your own will but due to the problems that befell the northern part of Uganda,” Mao said.

Mao also thanked the Kabaka of Buganda for welcoming the Acholi to his land. He added that it showed a sign of solidarity between the people of Buganda and those from the northern region. Mao advised the Acholi to only vote for DP members.

Mao told the residents that guns in the north had fallen silenct but the struggle to remove President Museveni from power was still on.

Mao campaigned for DP members Ketty Asabaawebwa (Kampala woman MP) and Nakawa division’s Kenneth Kakande.

He said DP had a strong, young and energetic team that would deliver better services and fight corruption.

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