Monday, February 14, 2011


For more than 44 years after independence, Uganda has had a nasty past and uncertain future. Ethnicity, greed, power struggle and arrogance has reduced this country to the blood pot of East Africa.

On February 18, like on December 12, 1980, Uganda will make history. The 1980 elections, believed to have been rigged by Obote, gave birth to the National Resistance Movement- formed as a result of rigged elections! The moral question remains: why has President Museveni’s NRM forgotten to respect the power of the people as enshrined in Article 1 of the Constitution? Our past election was declared flawed and rigged by courts of law but the same Electoral Commission of 2006 is still in place.

The Democratic Party urges Ugandans to vote for Norbert Mao and own the process of transforming our country. All Ugandans registered must vote and put vote protection as a priority. DP will offer Uganda a lean, accountable and just government. We shall ride on the principle of truth and justice and restore respect for Uganda and its people. The regional divide responsible for past tension and violence will be erased with a president who appeals to all regions of Uganda. With a mother from Ankole and father from Acholi, Mao is set to build the otherwise broken social fabric and national cohesion.

DP under the leadership of Norbert Mao will end corruption through leading by example. We will set a foundation for democracy and good governance with stringent laws on corruption. We will ensure better service delivery in sectors such as education, health, infrastructures, minerals and the entire economy. DP will create and respect strong institutions of governance of state to promote rule of law besides ensuring respect for human dignity and justice for all and equality before the law. We shall have a people-based and sustainable economy.

Uganda’s economy is a paradox of poverty amidst plenty. While the economy is said to grow by seven per cent, relative and real poverty is on the rise! 80 per cent of our population depends on agriculture yet it’s the most neglected sector. DP will invest heavily in agriculture and make it a priority besides the manufacturing industry. This will create 1 million jobs within the first three years of our leadership. DP will also reduce the unfair tax burden on the society and create citizens economic empowerment fund to support enThe Democratic Party is the only party of hope for lasting peace in this country. Uganda will lean on the peaceful principles of DP for peace and prosperity. We shall improve the education sector through heavy investment. Teachers will have a living wage and accommodation.

DP will ensure quality of education, not access (enrollment numbers)! Lunch in schools will be a right and students from both poor and rich backgrounds will have the same education through loan schemes for institutions. The health sector too, will be boosted. DP will increase the health budget; Ugandans will have health insurance and above all, maternal health will be a priority besides combating HIV Aids. DP will create a fully-fledged ministry of youth and add up to their representation in Parliament.

At the end of the day, we ask: what has gone wrong in our country? The answer is Ugandans must heed to the voice of change- genuine change based on background and character of the leader being elected. We must put an end to arrogance and militarism; we must reinstate term limits and vote a president who transcends tribalism and stands on truth and justice. That president is Norbert Mao.

Mr Mwaka Lutukumoi, DP’s national spokesperson, wrote this article on behalf of his party leader

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