Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Election of DP leaders in New Districts and where there is no leadership yet.
All newly established Districts, and those lacking full DP leadership up to district level, shall elect their leaders from village to District level, from Monday 28th June - 25th July 2010.
All regional vice presidents should get in touch with the regional representative concerned, to organize these elections and submit results to the office of the national organizing secretary by the 25th of July.
Party Primaries
All Regional Vice-presidents, regional representatives, District and Constituency leaders and their respective organizing secretaries are requested to organize party primaries scheduled to take place between 25th July and 25th August, as categorized below.
i. Parliamentary Primary elections
Parliamentary primaries will be held from 25th July - 25th Aug, 2010, in accordance with the constitution of the Democratic Party which states as here under;
A person shall be elected a parliamentary candidate of the party if he has been an active member of the party for at least five years.
However, any person not qualifying for elections under the afore mentioned provision may apply in writing to the National Secretary General to be exempted if the NEC deems it in the interest of the party and NEC shall in writing exempt such a member from the above provision.
All intending Parliamentary candidates of the party in all constituencies who qualify under the provision of the electoral Laws shall apply in writing to the Secretary General and submit their application for approval.
NB: The National Executive committee reserves the right of final admission of a candidate to vie for a parliamentary seat on the party’s ticket.
ii. Urban and District Primary Elections
These will be held between 25th July -25th August for district woman member of Parliament and all respective local council leaders.
The following shall be observed:
A person shall be elected for urban or district council election if he has been an active member of the party for at least two years. Where a person does not qualify under this provision, he/she will apply for exemption to the National Secretary General.
Party candidates for the urban and District councils shall apply to and be approved by their respective urban, District Executive committees and shall similarly be elected by their respective urban/District sub branches.
iii. Party Primaries for all lower Local Council leaders;
These shall be held from 25th July-25th August 2010. Similarly all intending candidates shall submit their written applications to their respective constituencies or sub county branch executives.
Composition of Delegates conferences:
Apart from the village level, there is a delegate’s conference at the parish, sub-county, constituency, district and national level.
This is composed of:
1. All members of the parish executive committee
2. All village women leaders and deputy women leaders in the parish
3. All village youth leaders and deputy village youth leaders in the parish
4. Five delegates from each village in the parish
This is composed of:
All members of the sub-county executive committee
All Parish women leaders and deputy parish women leaders in the sub-county
All parish youth leaders and deputy parish youth leaders in the sub-county
Three delegates from each parish in the sub-county
This is composed of:
All members of the constituency executive committee
All sub-county women leaders and deputy sub-county women leaders
All sub-county youth leaders and deputy sub-county youth leaders
Two delegates from each parish in the constituency
This is composed of:
All members of the constituency executive committee
All parish women leaders and deputy parish women leaders
All parish youth leaders and deputy parish youth leaders
Three delegates from each parish in the constituency
This is composed of:
All members of the district executive committee
All constituency women leaders and deputy constituency women leaders in the district
All constituency youth leaders and deputy constituency youth leaders in the district
Three delegates from each sub-county in the district. In case of a city, three delegates from each constituency.
Elections by branch and sub-branch delegates’ conferences shall be presided over by a person appointed by:
The national executive committee for the district delegates conference
The district executive committee for constituency delegates conference
The constituency executive committee for sub-county (rural) and parishes (city) delegates conference
The sub-county executive for parish (rural) delegates conference
All aspiring candidates shall submit the following requirements:
Three (3) colored passport photos (white background)
Curriculum Vitae
Academic Documents (photo copies) where necessary
Recently issued Party membership card
Registration Fee:
Fifty Thousand Shillings (50,000/=) for LC III Councilors
One Hundred Thousand (100,000/=) for LC III Chairpersons
One Hundred Thousand (100,000/=) for LC V Councilors
Two Hundred Thousand (200,000/=) for LC V Chairpersons and Mayors
Two Hundred Thousand (200,000/=) for Members of Parliament
Applications and Payments are done at:
· LC III Councilors at the constituency branch
· LC III Chairpersons at the constituency branch (rural), at the District (City).
· LC V Councilors at the District branch
· LC V Chairpersons/Mayors at the District branch Members of parliament at the Headquarters/Secretariat
NB: All Party candidates who will have gone through party primaries shall enter an agreement with the party leadership binding them to a harmonized relationship which includes their conduct and contribution to the party.
At completion of the election exercise, all respective delegates’ conferences are requested to compile and submit their results to the national organizing secretary’s office through their District, regional representatives and Regional vice presidents.
Throughout this exercise, members should be guided by the principle of truth and justice, and committed to the objective of providing to all Ugandans, a humane and truly democratic governance that will ensure domestic tranquility, peaceful progress as well as general welfare and liberty of the people of Uganda, their property and institutions, and electing leaders that will support all Ugandans struggling for self determination and freedom from oppression and suppression.
All electoral disputes shall be channeled through the relevant processes and organs as provided for under the Party constitution.
Wishing you a fruitful exercise.
For: Charles Musoke Sserunjogi
Organizing Secretary
0772436333, 0703058787

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