Wednesday, July 21, 2010


We need a lasting solution for Somalia
Tuesday, 20th July, 2010

Mwaka Lutukumoi
Uganda lost over 70 people and hundreds were wounded because of the Sunday, July 11, bomb attacks. The Democratic Party (DP) suggested that a national forum where all political leaders irrespective of affiliation, religious leaders and stakeholders who believe in a peaceful Uganda, can discuss this new security threat. The Somali people deserve respect for they also have rights and sovereignty. A section of the opposition voiced the need to remove Ugandan troops from Somalia; while the Government has promised to launch war on the al-Shabaab, it is important for us to remain united in these times and also learn lessons out of this tragedy. Since our troops are entangled in Somalia, it is civil and realistic for Uganda to rethink its strategy. In times of problems like these, we need to bury our political differences, swallow our pride and soberly come up with a uniting solution for the people of Somalia, Uganda and Africa. Other African countries should also send troops to Somalia, but through consultation. The war in Somalia and the pain of the people must be felt by all Africans and African countries must be part of the solution. Uganda must take the opportunity of the African Union to clearly demand that all African nations show commitment and send their troops to Somalia. It is absurd for Uganda to declare war on al-Shabaab alone. This is a global war that needs global strategy and an understanding of the context of the Somali conflict. A lesson we can learn as a global world, is that we need to work together with other countries in times of terror, this is what will ensure that the innocent populace is not at risk. We are caught between a rock and a hard place and no one should take advantage of this situation or else we shall perish together. The threats of terror are real and Uganda is not as equipped as the US or Europe to effectively fight the war on terror. This war is different from Kony’s Lord’s Resistance Army. Terrorists usually belong to bigger networks and to diffuse terror, therefore, would mean dealing with a whole network across the world. We hope our security agencies will take precaution as they start their next plan of action. The writer is a DP spokesperson

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