Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Buganda Kingdom Attorney General Apollo Nelson Makubuya has said that SUUBI 2011, the pressure group recently formed by ex-Mengo ministers has no right to speak on behalf of the Kabaka and the Kingdom.

Makubuya who featured on a talk-show discussing Buganda and the 2011 elections on Connect Uganda (connectuganda.com), Sunday evening, a UK based internet radio was reacting to press reports in Bukedde Ku ssande quoting leaders of the pressure group who addressed a rally in Kabasanda and reportedly told people they will soon unveil a list of Parliamentary candidates that have been endorsed by the Kabaka.

This statement is reported to have prompted two veteran politicians, DP former President Sebaana Kizito, and Jaberi Bidandi Ssali, the leader of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) to publicly warn Mengo against SUUBI 2011, reasoning that the group has a secret plan of dragging the Kabaka into partisan politics, an act that would kill the spirit of Buganda and unity among others.

Makubuya who said he had not read the story argued that ex-ministers resigned their positions at Mengo to be able to participate freely into partisan politics without any limitations. “They don’t have a right to speak for the Kabaka and if they did it, it was wrong” said Makubuya.

But he was quick to add, this could be the work of political opponents who are envious of SUUBI popularity and momentum it has gathered since its inception and could now have resorted to maligning the pressure group. “I have been following the progress of the group and I think they could have attracted criticisms because of their threat to already existing parties but argued listeners to give the group a chance and listen to their messages before dismissing and attacking it”. Said Makubuya.

“I know DP who has its political base in Buganda could be concerned but I will call Sebaana Kizito and assure him that there’s no plan to involve the Kabaka into partisan politics” Makubuya added. He also dismissed media reports that likened SUUBI to Kabaka Yekka (KY) of 1962 reasoning that SUUBI is not a political party but simply a pressure group.

He emphasised that SUUBI 2011 is meant to restore hope amongst Baganda through mobilisation and support of all people that espouse the interests of Buganda.
Asked why SUUBI is fronting Mengo ex-minister for Youth Mathias Mpuuga against a fellow Buganda activist, Masaka Municipality MP JB Kawanga , Makubuya who insisted that he’s Buganda’s Attorney General said, he could not answer for the group but referred the host Mike Mulambuzi to the group’s Coordinator and Mengo ex-deputy minister for Information, Medard Lubega Ssegona.

He said Mengo has no plans to evict Makerere University on its land as reported in the media but explained that part of the University land that was leased from Mengo have expired and its only fair to renew the lease since it’s a source for the Kingdom.

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