Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Cardinal Wamala slams paramilitary groups

Disband para-military groups’
THE Archbishop of Kampala Diocese , Emmanuel Cardinal Wamala, has called for the disbandment of all para-military groups created by political parties as the country draws nearer to general elections.The general elections are set for February 23 next year.Delivering his Christmas message at Lubaga Cathedral yesterday, Wamala said the deployment of para- military groupslike like Kalangala Action Plan (KAP) was uncalled for and should never appear in political activities.The infamous KAP which came to the limelight during the 2001 presidential elections, is headed by Senior Presidential Adviser Roland Kakooza Mutale. In 2001, members of the KAP allegedly committed arbitrary arrests, detained people without legal authority, and committed violent attacks to rival camps.Presidential candidate, Nasser Ntege Sebaggala last year also created a youth brigade to counter KAP during elections. Recently, the NRM National General Secretary and Minister of Defence, Mr Amama Mbabazi said on December 1, that his party will not lock KAP out if it comes with the spirit of mobilising the masses.Wamala has also asked government to initiate meaningful national reconciliation that would create favourable conditions for all Ugandans to freely participate in politics.“The transition from darkness to the light which Christ the Saviour brought about, could point to the political transition process on which we embark in this country,” Wamala said.He added, “In our pastoral letters, we call for national reconciliation leading to a conducive environment for everyone to feel safe to participate fully in the political activities.”

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