Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Sebaggala withdraws from race endorses Sebaana

Al Haji Nasser Ntege Ssebaggala 57, withdrew from the race for president today. He endorsed DP President John Sebaana Kizito. Ssebaggala is a former mayor of Kampala, former DP presidential candidate and former Chairman Kampala district.

Candidate Yoweri Museveni continues to be tormented by Candidate John Sebaana Kizito; and campaigned heavily in Kampala district where he lost by 10 percentage points in 2001. In new proposals, he promises to lift yet another tax, the property tax in Kampala. As one of the largest landowners in Uganda, it is not clear whether taxes will go the way of obusuulu, for lessors of private mailo land. The collapse of services and infrastructure in Uganda is directly linked to political interference from State House. Local governments cannot effectively raise taxes.

In other news, Candidate John Sebaana Kizito campaigned in Masaka on Dec 26, 2005 and in Gulu on Dec 27, 2005. Last week, Sebaana Kizito Campaign Chair, Norbert Mao indicated that the new strategy was the zig-zag strategy; so in one week, the candidate has hit 3 of the 4 geographical regions while candidate Museveni is still working one region, Buganda.

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