Sunday, December 04, 2005

The rise to prominence of Judge Remmy Kasule

Dejected after his CA election loss to Presidential Advisor Zzimula Mugwanya, Remegious Kyonooneka Kasule 56, retreated from active politics into private practice. He continued defending key criminal cases eventually rising to the rank of Senior Counsel, a rare designation only bestowed twice by the Law Council on private practitioners. Judge Remmy Kasule in 2002 was nominated to a vacant seat on the Court of Appeal vacated by now retired Supreme Court Justice Cosma Kato. Judge Kasule's nomination was torpedoed by the appointing authority in the aftermath of several landmark rulings by the appellate courts against the government. His seat was taken by a more junior colleague Steven Besweri Kavuma 58. Kasule was posted to the High Court where he alternates between the Family and Criminal Division. After the recusal of Judge Sempa Lugayizi, the ball is now in Kasule's court and so far he is ready to hear the grave constitutional matters that Kizza Besigye's detention presents.

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