Thursday, December 29, 2005

Sebaana on the Issues:

The Campaign approach has blended broad policy themes with a lot of retail politics. Candidate Sebaana Kizito has covered far more mileage than the opposition parties combined. NRMO has been stuck in Luweero & Kampala since the start of the campaign. FDC is stuck in Teso, while UPC is still struggling to find its voice. In a further sign of the times, Gen. Salim Saleh retired from the army this week to help his half brother's flagging campaign. Sebaana has impressed observers with his indefatigability, or in Raila speak being unbwoggable. He is the surprise commodity in the race.

Gulu & Lira: Ending the War in the North, Dismantling Internally Displaced Camps. Sebaana visited victims of UPDF's atrocities, and several IDPs in Gulu & Lira. Museveni is on the defensive accusing Sebaana of being a coward.

Busia & Tororo: Launching a war on blistering poverty. Candidate Sebaana also promoted the candidature of Deo Hasubi Njoki the DP Organizing Secretary running for LC V Chairman. Simon Manyende, the MP for Samia Bugwe is running as an independent and will caucus with DP once elected.

Mukono: A comprehensive review of the federal question. State owned Bukedde has indicated that he has a lot more to offer on the subject than all other candidates combined. It is not a situation where some political parties are declining to refer to their manifesto at public rallies.

Kampala: Sebaana attacked Museveni for institutional amnesia. Museveni is promising to roll back property taxes in the city which yield Shs 28 billion in annual revenue to KCC, abolish boda boda and most licensing fees. Museveni assented to the Property Rating Act in 2005, and is limiting this punishment to KCC whichi is contrled by the Democratic Party. The Central Government is attacking KCC for failing to provide services yet it has interfered in almost every aspect of KCC's work.

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