Saturday, January 08, 2011


Corruption in government institutions is thriving because President Museveni is also corrupt, Mr Norbert Mao has said. The DP presidential candidate said Mr Museveni is one of Africa’s most corrupt leaders, considering that he always lets tainted ministers get away with their loot.
“President Museveni is responsible for the mushrooming corrupt tendencies in the government departments. He has failed to tame his corrupt ministers and whenever they are questioned about the money they swindled, they just point at President Museveni,’’ Mr Mao told a rally at Kyazanga town on Thursday.

Messed probes
Mr Mao wondered why whenever the government institutes an investigation into corruption, the chief suspects always meddle with the probe. The World Bank estimates that Uganda loses over Shs500 billion annually in graft, most through skewed procurement processes. In recent months, the question of how money meant for the 2007 Commonwealth summit was abused formed central discussion after a parliamentary probe implicated about eight top ministers in the scandal.
However, when the report was tabled before Parliament, MPs chose to absolve the suspects—with Security Minister Amama Mbabazi and junior finance minister Jachan Omach getting the first reprieve. On talk of cultural leaders, Mr Mao, without naming individuals, said some leaders were hoodwinking the public that they love the Kabaka, and yet they are driven by other selfish motives.
Mr Mao said only his party will return Buganda’s property and grant the region a federal system of governance. He said it is high time President Museveni retired honourably and went home to look after his grandchildren. The DP, Mr Mao said, would guarantee Mr Museveni security and provide him with other basics in retirement.
Speaking to excited supporters, Mr Mao promised to get the President a brass band and other music equipment to kick start a music career. According to Mr Mao, President Museveni is a gifted rapper. The President’s folklore rap titled Mpe Ekoni is a popular song, getting lots of airplay on radios.
Earlier in the day, Norbert Mao first held a rally in Katovu trading centre where he revealed that if elected President, he will improve universal education, timely salary payments to nurses and doctors, construct roads and fight corruption. He added that he is the only eligible candidate who is ready to bring change in the country because other candidates are not transparent.
Agriculture funding
The current government, Mr Mao said, was only injecting about 5 per cent of the resources into agriculture—and favouring rich farmers. He promised to increase the sector’s allotment to 15 per cent of the budget and also revive cooperatives. He said that Democratic Party government will establish agro-industrial banks for farmers to enable them access low interest agricultural loans.

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