Tuesday, January 04, 2011


Police in Hoima District are holding three police officers over allegations of stealing a radio from Democratic Party presidential candidate, Mr Norbert Mao’s car.
The constables allegedly broke into Mr Mao’s car which is grounded at Hoima Police Station from which they stole its radio. The midwestern regional police spokesperson, Ms Zurah Ganyana, confirmed the arrests.
“They will be charged in the police’s disciplinary court and later be criminally prosecuted in court,” Ms Ganyana said on Tuesday.
Daily Monitor has learnt that the Police Standards Unit is scrutinising the evidence to be lined up in the police’s disciplinary court while the Hoima officer in-charge of criminal investigations, Mr Ramathan Doka, is compiling criminal evidence against the suspects for prosecution in the civilian courts.
Day of arrest
Ms Ganyana said the accused were arrested on December 23 after detectives realised that two radios were missing from Mr Mao’s Land Cruiser and a Toyota Carib parked at the police station.
Mr Mao’s car is still grounded at the police station after it got involved in an accident near Hoima Town, slightly injuring the DP leader last month.The suspects held are those that were on night duty on the day before the radios were detected to have been stolen.
However, the three policemen have denied the accusations labelled against them.

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