Tuesday, January 11, 2011


THE Youth in Kampala Central will have their talents developed as a means of fighting poverty, Eddie Yawe has promised. Yawe, who is the Democratic Party candidate for Kampala Central parliamentary seat was addressing a rally in Mengo-Kisenyi on Thursday. He said previous leaders had forgotten about talent development as one of the things that can improve the country’s economy. “We have seen many Ugandans emerge through their talents. Many youth have different talents, but these need the good will of their leaders to be developed,” he said. Yawe cited many musicians, footballers, artistes, models and comedians among others, who had started small businesses from which the country earned revenue. He also promised to support small scale enterprises in the city. “There is need to reduce taxes imposed on these businesses. If foreigners are given tax holidays, why not our own people?” Yawe asked. Yawe, popularly referred to as ‘music producer’, said many people in Kampala were working in poor conditions that threatened their health. “Kampala Central has been poorly managed by KCC leaders who continue to extort money from traders. I cannot accept that,” he added. He said he would lobby for a gazetted area near town for street vendors.

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