Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Mukono MP Betty Nambooze has been given up to January 12 to show cause why disciplinary action should not be taken against her by the Democratic Party (DP).
Speaking at a rally in Masaka on Saturday, the DP president, Mr Norbert Mao, said Ms Nambooze faces disciplinary action because as a member of DP, she cannot campaign for Dr Kizza Besigye, the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) leader and the presidential candidate for the Inter-Party Cooperation (IPC).
“When she campaigned to go to Parliament,” Mr Mao said, “Mr Kizito Ssebaana, many DP executives, and I went to Mukono and we participated in her campaign as a fellow member of the DP.
She declared publicly that she recognised me as the president general of DP and that I should expect her support in the bid to become President of Uganda. Now the same Nambooze has been going all over saying she belongs to DP but asking everybody to support Dr Kizza Besigye to become President.”
Mr Mao said Ms Nambooze and the former Buganda prime minister Joseph Mulwanyammuli, recently “embarrassed’’ the people of the Acholi region when they went there with Dr Kizza Besigye and they declared that all the people of the central region had decided to support Dr Besigye’s bid for presidency.
“The people they were telling this had just returned from the internally displaced peoples (IDP) camps and had not forgotten yet the role I played to get them out of those camps which often involved my going on foot to the forests of Congo to sweet-talk Kony and resigning my position of MP to become district chairman (Gulu) because I wanted to be closer to them and to be part of the process to get them out of the IDP camps,” he said. “There now was Nambooze telling them not to support me, and vote for Dr Besigye and still claiming to be a DP member!” he said.
Mr Mao said the IPC is a loose relationship which cannot work. “It has even almost disowned Michael Mabikke in his bid to become mayor of Kampala and Dr Besigye is at a loss whether to support Erias Lukwago or Mabikke when it is well known that Mabikke is president of a political party,” he said.
Mr Mao criticised the Buganda pressure group Suubi, which he described as a doomed small group. “How can Mulwanyammuli claim that he and Suubi made an agreement with Dr Kizza Besigye that when he wins, Buganda will get all her demands fulfilled? Such an agreement cannot be binding since Mulwanyammuli in his present capacity cannot sign any agreements on behalf of Buganda.

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