Wednesday, January 12, 2011


HAJI Bull Katale, an NRM supporter, has called on voters in Bukoto East to support the Democratic Party flag-bearer Florence Namayanja. Katale is also the Buganda Kingdom representative in Buddu region. This was during the campaign launch for Namayanja at Kitengesa trading centre in Buwunga sub-county, Masaka district on Monday. Namayanja, who is the outgoing deputy mayor for Kampala, is facing the ICT state minister, Alintuma Nsambu, who is the NRM flag-bearer. Justine Juuko, the former US-based professional boxer, who is the Inter-Party Cooperation flag-bearer, is also standing for the same post. Katale drew cheers from the crowd when he asked them to vote for President Yoweri Museveni and Namayanja at the same time. “You all know me very well as a staunch NRM party supporter. However, this time we shall not tolerate MP Nsambu who does not have any respect for our Kabaka and the kingdom. Let us vote President Museveni and Namayanja, who have our king at heart,” he said. Katale said Nsambu was a wasteful leader, who preferred to go to his constituency in a hired helicopter, while the residents languished in poverty. The Rev. Christopher Wasswa, a priest attached to Kako Cathedral in West Buganda Diocese, also prayed for Namayanja to win. “We pray to the Almighty God to bless our candidate Namayanja to register success in these elections for our constituency to flourish,” he said. Wasswa said Bukoto East lacked accessible roads, safe water and electricity to improve people’s living standards. In Lango, the Catholic and Anglican bishops have suspended two priests for engaging in active politics. Namayanja said she had already embarked on self-help projects that would enhance the incomes of women in the constituency. She said she had also contacted friends in Sweden, who would provide toilets for the elderly. Nsambu, who also held rallies in Matanga and Mpungwe trading centres in Mukungwe sub-county, said he had supported schools by distributing computers. He said he also assisted needy children and orphans. Nsambu said he had already constructed a modern secondary school in Nkunke, his home village, and had more developmental projects for the constituency and Masaka municipality. He promised to revive the lost glory of Masaka region.

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