Tuesday, January 04, 2011


The Democratic Party presidential candidate, Mr Norbert Mao, has dismissed claims that President Museveni has gained support in northern Uganda.
While addressing a rally in Kamwenge Town Council on New Year’s Day, Mr Mao said there is no way the people of northern Uganda will vote for Mr Museveni since he brought insurgency in the area that claimed lives and property. “Museveni is deceiving himself that he has double support from northern Uganda. Last time he managed to get 11 per cent but the people of the north haven’t forgotten the pain they went through during insurgency brought by Museveni himself,” he said.
In the last three elections, the President and his party have performed poorly in the north and north-eastern parts of the country where many believe the war was deliberately enforced by the NRM.
Some observers, however, say with the rebel LRA defeated, President Museveni’s fortunes could turn as part of the peace dividend. This view though, is contested by those who look at the widespread poverty, poor social services, disease and deprivation that still haunt the region as determining factors in influencing voter opinion.
Speaking in Luganda, Mr Mao said: “As per my manifesto, I want to focus on changing the system of education by putting more emphasis on technical education as opposed to the NRM’s universal education programme.”

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