Monday, November 08, 2010


The Democratic Party presidential candidate, Mr Norbert Mao, has promised to reduce the remunerations for Members of Parliament to Shs4 million. MPs currently earn over Shs13 million inclusive of allowances and mileage depending on the location of their constituency.
Mr Mao while addressing a rally at Muyembe Sub-county in Sironko District explained that people tend to struggle to be elected MPs purposely to earn big remunerations and allowances and once in Parliament, they completely forget to serve the people they represent. “Our target once we take over power is to reduce the remunerations to Shs4 million to ensure that the legislators come to Parliament to give service,” he said.
Criticises debates
Mr Mao criticised the quality of debate exhibited by the National Resistance Movement legislators in the Eighth Parliament, saying they have apparently been reduced to caucus level where they just come to defend government’s positions. “We are coming with a change to revive Parliamentary debates to ensure the House remains with its independence and dignity instead of supporting certain positions,” Mr Mao said. He blamed the government for creating very many districts but without services to be delivered to the people. “The districts are being dished out like plates without food on them,” he said.
While at a rally in Budadiri Town Council, Mr Mao said his party will put in place adequate health facilities to reduce the maternal and infant mortality rates that are now on the increase. He said his vision was to ensure quality education for Ugandans.

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