Tuesday, November 16, 2010


THE Democratic Party (DP) presidential candidate, Nobert Mao, has said President Yoweri Museveni came up with a song – “you want another rap” – because he fears the influence he (Mao) has over the youth. Mao noted that when Museveni realised that he was serious about contending for the presidency, he composed a song that would lure the youth into thinking that he too was still youthful and cared about their plight. “Museveni fears me. But whatever number of raps he may release, Museveni will never become a youth again. I am the only candidate in the race who bonds with the youth. I know what challenges they are undergoing and I’m ready to address them. I have come so that we can wipe out the old era of Luwero bush fighters,” Mao said. He was on Friday addressing a rally at Busolwe town council in Butaleja district. Mao held other rallies in Nabiganda, Kachonga and Nampologoma sub-counties, and made a stopover at Butaleja town council. On his way to Busolwe, the groups of people lined the sides of the dusty murrum road, while others gathered in trading centres yelling maulanda (a loose local translation for Mao)”. Mao arrived at Busolwe at 6:45pm. Over 15 million registered voters are expected to participate in polls next year, with the youth comprising the biggest block, and most of them voting for the first time. In an effort to woo the youth vote, most presidential candidates have had songs composed in praise of their candidature, besides performing at their rallies. Mao said if elected president, he would improve technical education so as to avail the youth with the necessary skills to create employment opportunities. “When I was young, I used to mend shoes to earn some money. It would fetch me the money to pay for books, pens and fees. As long as you posses a skill, there will always be somebody ready to pay for it,” Mao said. He boasted that he defeated the late Brig. Noble Mayombo in the Makerere University guild race, minister Betty Bigombe for Gulu’s parliamentary seat and Walter Ochora for Gulu’s LC 5 seat. He added that he was remaining with a general (Museveni). Asked why he did not rally behind Dr. Kiiza Besigye of the Inter party Cooperation (IPC) which DP initially subscribed to, Mao said the coalition had no clear path. “We had agreed to only field joint candidates for local council seats and MPs, not the presidential candidate. That’s why you see even Besigye is using the FDC symbol of the key on his posters despite being an IPC candidate,” Mao explained.

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