Monday, November 15, 2010


Democratic Party presidential candidate Norbert Mao has said testimonies by top cabinet ministers on the Chogm funds have now portrayed President Museveni as a prime suspect in the mess.
Addressing a campaign rally in Malaba town at the weekend, Mr Mao likened Vice President Gilbert Bukenya and Foreign Affairs Minister Sam Kutesa’s revelations to a man in his village who had a beautiful daughter who he did not want to talk to any man, ties her by his bed and she eventually gets pregnant.“When clan heads asked the girl who was responsible, she said ask daddy because I am always chained here,” Mr Mao said.
Prof. Bukenya defended himself before Parliament last week and Mr Kuteesa is expected to appear this week. All implicated ministers will defend themselves again before the House.

He said when the two cabinet ministers appeared before Parliament, each of them insisted that the President had full knowledge of how the Chogm money, they are now being accused of misappropriating, was used.
“When the Vice-President appeared before Parliament he said the President authorised some of the expenditures.” Explaining his argument further, Mr Mao said in legal terms, a suspect is believed to have an opportunity, the means and the motive to commit a crime and that in the ongoing Chogm scandal, Mr Museveni possesses all the attributes.
Be contented
He urged Ugandans to be contented with what they struggle to earn instead of dipping their hands in other people’s pockets. “Ugandans like glorifying ill-gotten wealth. Better live in a grass thatched hut than living in a mansion which was built from questionable resources,” Mr Mao said.
Mr Mao also took a swipe at Mr Museveni for allegedly saying in Apac recently that he (Mao) is a collaborator of the LRA rebels.

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