Sunday, November 07, 2010


DP Presidential Candidate Nobert Mao has changed the image of the party because of the following attributes that has made him stand out in the first week of the campaing. Mao is currently winding up the Eastern tour is the youngest candidate but represents the oldest party DP in the 2011 presidential elections.
Mao is also the only candidate who has a track record of winning right from Namilyango college where he Head-Prefect, Makerere University Guild President, two time MP representing Gulu municipality and now currently Chairman Local government Gulu District.
Mao has always overcome being an uderdog to election victory by trouncing prominent figures like Brig. Noble Mayombo (R.I.P) for Makerere Guild President, Hon. Betty Bigombe for MP Gulu Municipality and Col. Walter Ochora the latest casuality to Mao's bid of becoming Gulu District Chairman.
Mao also represents a generation of youth mainly those born after the 1966 crisis in which the central government stormed the Kabaka's palace and led to the introduction of the politics of the gun and instability.
Mao's candidature is also symbolic of civilian rule in a situation where Uganda has never overcome the trauma of military dictatorship. Uganda still remains one of the few countries that have never had a peaceful handover of power and Mao has done a lot to instill confidence in Ugandans that government can be changed through the power of the ballot.
Mao who is a lawyer by training has mixed parantage with a munyankore mother and an Acholi father yet his ability to speak Luo, Luganda, English and Runyankore makes him multi-lingual and a candidate who can easily bridge the South and the North in Uganda.
After successful nomination as DP Presidential candidate, Mao addressed a mammoth crowd at his inagural rally at Kawempe Growers ground in Kawempe.

He later campaigned in Luweero where he told the residents that he's the only candidate without blood on his hands. Mao thinks that the movement is equally quilty of the killings in Luweero arguing that in a war, the one who wins should have killed more, likening it to football in which the one who scores more goals carries the day.

At another rally in Matugga, Mao told residents that Museveni was forced to switch back CBS unconditionally targeting Buganda votes but after the elections, he would not hesitate to switch it off and this time might take longer to switch it back.
On his second day of campaigns in Makindye Kampala, Mao paid a visit to the former DP President Paul Kawanga Semogerere and later addressed rallies in Makindye division.
Mao particulary warned the Baganda against the IPC-SSUUBI deal saying its a Kiwani (fake). Mao reasoned that as a lawyer, the genuine agreement should be signed by the Katikkiro and Attorney General Apollo Makubuya. He wondered whether if Mayanja Nkangi who was a former Katikkiro also signed a similar agreement with Museveni, that would be binding?
The next leg was in Mayuge where he attacked NRM as party that blocks talent in reference to Bukenya's failed bid to become NRM secretary Genera. Mao applauded DP for giving him an opportunity to take over from Ben Kiwanuka, Kawanga Semogerere, Sebaana Kizito and now himself all based on merit.
Mao also named his campaign team headed by former President General Sebaana Kizito and Kyadondo South MP Issah Kikungwe as campaign manager.
Mao completed his week with mamoth rally in Mbale, the very place he was elected last year as a DP flag bearer. So to him, it was like homecoming.
Mao has also made efforts towards reconciliation within DP. His visit in the company of the Cardinal to former President General Kawanga Semogerere has started to bear fruits with the of senior council JB Kakooza, who formerly belongs to the anti-Mbale and founders of Ssuubi 2011 returned to the fold and will soon be nominated as the DP candidate for Kampala City Mayor

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