Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Democratic Party presidential candidate Norbert Mao has urged Ugandans not to join the National Resistance Movement because it makes whoever joins it “stupid”.
Addressing a rally in Tororo town at the weekend, Mr Mao said the reason for President Museveni believing that he is the only one with a vision is that all those who are in the NRM are foolish.
“Something is wrong. Whoever joins NRM whether he or she is intelligent becomes stupid. Even those in Parliament, when they enter Parliament, they behave like they have left their brains at the parking yard,” Mr Mao said.
Repeat stunt
Mr Mao told the rally that if the chairman of the Electoral Commission, Dr Badru Kiggundu, rigs the elections in favour of President Museveni, he would do what he did in Gulu in 1996 in the parliamentary race against the then Minister for Northen Uganda Pacification, Ms Betty Bigombe.
“If Kiggundu rigs the elections, I will call Ugandans to come with their voters cards and ask him to count them one by one. If he refuses, then Mr Museveni will remain a President of mere ballot papers and I will be President of the people,” he said. “I am a specialist in defeating top NRM cadres. Mr Museveni is now meeting the most dangerous substitute ever,” said Mr Mao
No support
Mr Mao said President Museveni now has no support in most parts of the country and that this has made him promise anybody anything, and would appoint a CAO and an RDC so as to get votes. “In the north, he has his permanent 11 per cent. In the east, he has no votes because he has destroyed all the industries. In Buganda, you know the problem and in Busoga, the problem of jiggers.”
On corruption, Mr Mao said creating more institutions in Uganda today in the name of fighting corruption is instead making it grow. While campaigning in Butaleja, Dokho and Busolwe, the DP leader promised interest-free loans to farmers to help them fight poverty in their households. Mr Mao revealed that once he takes power he would start a Citizens Economic Empowerment Fund targeting all the rural poor to fight poverty and help reduce the widening income inequality gap.

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