Wednesday, November 24, 2010


The Democratic Party presidential candidate, Mr Nobert Mao has criticised the NRM government for poor management of educational policies in Teso saying the prevailing conditions have only favoured the affluent. He said the free education scheme for secondary and primary schools in the country, initially intended to benefit the poor, has not achieved its goal in the region due to corruption.
Speaking to residents of Kamuda Sub-county in Soroti district on Monday, Mr Mao said there is need for a deliberate policy by the government for motivation of teachers working in areas recovering from effects of past conflicts to be able to score the free education goals.
Teachers’ plight
“The programme (for free education) is good but has been mismanaged in most parts of the country by corrupt government officials. It has not benefited the poor, especially those in disturbed areas like Teso. The teachers are compelled to work under difficult conditions with low pay,” Mr. Mao said. He said once voted into power, his government would ensure that funds for the education sectors are increased to enable communities recovering from war effects access quality education.
“University education should be made affordable for the poor. Each region needs a public institution of higher learning for all citizens to move at the same level,” Mr Mao, currently canvassing for votes in Teso said.
While in Katakwi, Mr Mao sneered at the ruling party for failing to resettle an estimated 20,000 Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) still trapped in the camps due to poverty. The IDP camps in Katakwi have been home to thousands of households forced into the encampment by marauding Karimojong cattle rustlers.

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