Thursday, November 11, 2010


Pakalast is blasphemy, says Mao
Wednesday, 10th November, 2010

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By Daniel Edyegu THE Democratic Party presidential candidate, Norbert Mao, has described the ‘Pakalast’ NRM slogan as blasphemy against the supremacy of God. Addressing a rally at Manjiya trading centre in the newly-created Manjiya district last week, Mao said only God merits the honour of ‘Pakalast’ since he is the sole author of life. He said while the ruling party is using the slogan to perpetuate dictatorial rule, God is in charge of Uganda’s destiny. “I am amazed when I hear people screaming ‘Museveni Pakalast’. Where is Mobutu (former DRC president)? Where is Amin (former Uganda president)? Amin used to call himself conquerer of the British empire, field marshal, life president and many other things. But when time came, he went. He even died an ordinary citizen.” “Museveni is the last breed of the post-independence presidents we are left with. When time comes, will Museveni defy God’s call? Will he tell God to wait since he is (Museveni) ‘Pakalast?’ Only God is ‘Pakalast’. God has kept me all this time because he knew I had a purpose to fulfill,” Mao said. Mao held other rallies in Bushika sub-county, Tsikholo and Bududa Corner trading centres in Manjiya and Bududa districts. However, a heavy afternoon downpour disrupted his rally at Tsikholo trading centre. His visit also coincided with the nomination of the district LC5 chairpersons, councillors and mayors. Mao told the residents that due to rampant corruption and misrule, Uganda had failed to attain equitable distribution of wealth. “Our country is endowed with wealth, but the poor are the majority. People say President Museveni is not corrupt, but only the people around him. I know of a proverb that says flies go where there is rot. So when you see flies swarming somewhere, you know something rotten is there,” Mao said. He urged the electorate to discard tribal sentiments and consider character and ability when electing presidential candidates. He told the electorate not succumb to intimidation, but report to him security personnel perpetrating the vice. “With the infamous Kiboko Squad in Kampala, we have already drafted our strategy. We told our supporters to take pictures of all those wielding sticks. After the chaos, we shall trace them.” “In Kampala, the Kiboko squad caned the FDC president Dr. Kiiza Besigye. How do you beat me? I’m not desperate to be president. We are all canvassing for votes. If you caned me, I would first put a side the issue of looking for votes and deal with you,” he said. He gave out his mobile telephone number to the residents

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