Saturday, November 20, 2010


DP Presidential candidate Norbert Mao called upon the people of Moroto to elect leaders who speak for them. Mao said the problems facing Karamoja are not insurmountable. He blamed the persistence of the problems on an uncaring government, indifferent leaders and unbridled corruption among those in charge of service delivery. Mao pledged transparency in dealings regarding the mineral wealth of Karamoja. "Karamoja has vast mineral resources but the income per capita of the Karimojong is about 34,000 per annum!", Mao said. He observed that those exploiting the marble stones from Karamoja pay the poor residents a paltry 70,000 for each lorry load. "It is a shame that the government is just looking on as the people are being exploited. The NRM government is like a greedy man who is paid to hold down his own mother to be raped.", Mao lamented. Mao promised that he would listed to voices from Karamoja in order to develop and implement the correct long term policies. "Today I give you a new battle cry. If anybody comes to Karamoja to help, tell them the following five words - 'nothing about us without us'", Mao said. Mao called upon the people to fight the politics of fear and replace it with the politics of hope. "Can you imagine what we would be able to do if we sid not have fear?", Mao said. "We need leaders who we vote because we love them, not because we fear them", he added. Mao has been in the Karamoja region for the last five days. He has focused his campaign on security, food security, restocking, dealing with drought and a fair policy on natural resources. Find more at

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