Thursday, November 11, 2010


DEMOCRATIC Party presidential candidate Nobert Mao has called upon the Electoral Commission to display election results for two weeks before the actual tallying exercise. Mao told a rally in Kapchorwa that the commission should ensure that results are declared in the presence of candidates’ agents to guard against rigging. “I am asking the Electoral Commission to display results for a period of two weeks after the election. This will enable candidates and the people to compare results. If there is rigging, then we shall invite all our supporters to assemble,” he said. “We shall not carry any weapons but our voters cards. Then we shall demand for fresh counting because we cannot accept rigging,” he added. Mao noted that when he contested against a minister in Gulu, it was his supporters that guarded against the rigging. “I know the Government will switch off telephones on voting day but we shall use satellite phones to reach our people,” he stated. Mao added that he would give out his phone contact so that the people could report those intimidating them. He pledged to remove political positions like that of the resident district commissioners and their deputies, as well as presidential advisers. Mao said DP had undertaken reforms and appealed to its members who defected to other parties to return. He noted that DP was not a party for Baganda and Catholics, but that it welcomed all Ugandans. Earlier on arrival, Mao’s entourage had a bitter exchange with a Police officer, who demanded to know where they would hold their rally. Mao urged elders in Kapchorwa not to decampaign the youth during the elections, saying this country required youthful leaders. He, however, said Museveni was old and unable to lead the country after failing to bring the desired change over the past 25 years. Mao noted that Museveni’s time as president had expired and advised him to look after his cattle in Rwakitura and have a chance of attending to his grandchildren

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