Thursday, November 04, 2010


President Museveni can never go back to the bush to fight if he lost the 2011 polls because he is now used to the good life, DP president Norbert Mao has said.Mr Mao said the President enjoys walking on red carpets, delicious meals and living in air conditioned houses. “He would prefer going back to Rwakitura than going to the bush again to fight,” he said.
Mr Mao, while addressing rallies in Busia District, advised President Museveni to retire to avoid getting “a humiliating defeat”, saying he had failed to address essential needs of Ugandans.
He cited the high cost of education, high unemployment, rampant poverty and high taxation, as factors crippling the country’s development. “Our people are dying of poverty which is rising each day in the countryside and maternal mortality is high due to poor and inadequate antenatal care,” he said.
While addressing rallies in Bufumbo, Nakaloke and Mbale municipality, Mr Mao said he would ensure civil liberty, reconciliation, peace and equal justice.The DP president said he will also give subsidies to farmers at the grassroots to help them improve their productivity and scrap taxes on essential commodities
Funding Agriculture
Mr Mao said he will increase funding for agricultural sector from the current 3.8 per cent to 12 per cent. He said the revival of cooperatives to boast the sale of agricultural products and increase incomes of the rural farmers, will also be on his agenda. He said he would pay a living wage to all civil servants to improve their living conditions.
“For the last 25 years President Museveni has done nothing for Ugandans apart from lifting the presidential term limits and impoverishing Ugandans. Then he tells people NRM and Museveni “Paka last”, this is not only abominable to Ugandans but blasphemous because it is only God who is ‘Paka last’. Is he above God?” he asked.
Mr Mao promised to build a strong road network countrywide, revive the railway line, water transport and build quality infrastructure.

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